Patch Notes

Patch 42.06.03.EN5

June 2, 2016 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

What's New:

Fashion Coupons:

  • Updated lancer/berserker Fashion Coupon items to be wearable by the brawler.
  • Fixed ninja Fashion Coupon costume icons.
  • Fixed ninja Fashion Coupon costume's ability to be previewed.


  • Updated the Elite Gift Box:
    • Replaced Nugget with Felicity;
    • Replaced Master Enigmatic Scroll with Blessed Enigmatic Scroll;
    • Added a Jackpot of 500 tier 8 Feedstock;
    • Added a Jackpot of 500 tier 9 Feedstock;
    • Removed Federation Bills;
    • Slight increase of Alkahest drop amounts.
  • Reduced Enchanting Bonanza Box cost to 16,000 Bellicarium credits and 12,000 Killing Spree credits.
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