Patch Notes

Patch 46.05

August 9, 2016 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

New Dungeon: Echoes of Aranea | Added New Free Flight Zones | Battleground Changes
Quest Changes | Miscellaneous

What's New

New Dungeon: Echoes of Aranea

  • The Echo is a solo dungeon that sends level 65 characters back in time to Castle Aranea to fix the history in Highwatch's archives.
  • Min Item Level: 330
  • Accessible through a new quest in Highwatch (Memory Lost)
    • Enter through Gadin, the Echo Arcana Curator in Veritas Vault
    • 2 daily entries
  • Rewards
    • Tier 8 feedstock and spellbinds
    • Tyrantblood and Kalivan tokens
    • Master Enigmatic and Intricate Identification scrolls
    • Dreadnaught gear

Added New Free Flight Zones:

  • Allemantheia
  • Essenia
    • Blessing Basin
    • Blightwood
    • Essenian Crest
    • Timeless Woods
  • Westonia
    • Frost Reach
    • Mount Tyrannus
    • Tempest Reach
  • Val Parada
    • Quarantine Zone
    • Feral Valley
  • Val Elenium
    • Sienna Canyon
    • Tor Exsul
    • Wyrmgorge
  • Veritas District

Battleground Changes:

  • Kumas Royale:
    • Healing Aura
      • Increased damage healed from 3000 to 6000.
      • Boss Kumas is now immune to Healing Aura.
      • Baby Kumas movement speed increased by 80.
  • Champion’s Skyring
    • Adjusted Team rewards as follows:
      • Killing Spree:
        • Win—1400 credits
        • Loss—700 credits
    • Adjusted Solo rewards as follows:
      • Bellicarium:
        • Win—2000 credits
        • Loss—1000 credits
      • Killing Spree:
        • Win—1400 credits
        • Loss—1000 credits

Publishers Note:

This reduction of rewards for Champions’ Skyring helps us normalize builds across regions, and improves our ability to get new TERA content out faster. Additional jackpots have been added to Champions’ Skyring to compensate for the reduction.

Quest Changes:

  • Removed Dreadnaught Weapon Box as a reward from Island of Dawn: Desolate Garden.


  • Changed Metamorphic Smite (Mystic) to properly display MP cost of skill.
  • Conflate Boots:
    • Changed the “Decreases duration of slowing effects” enchantment effect from green to gold.
  • Added Rune of Secrets drops to Manglemire.
  • Reduced gold and crystal drops in multiple zones.
  • Reduced merchant sell-back prices for crystals and niveots to 0.
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