Patch Notes

Patch 47.02.02

September 20, 2016 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Guild Changes | Civil Unrest: Velika | Miscellaneous Changes

What's New

Guild System Revamp and new Civil Unrest Battle System – See The Guilded Age game guide for full information!

Guild Changes:

  • Replaced the previous system of using Catharnach Awards to level up your guild with a new guild leveling system. Previous Catharnach Awards and Savage Draughts can be sold to NPC’s.
  • Guilds can now level up and gain guild skill points. Guild Masters can spend guild skill points in the Guild Skills UI for enhancements that affect all guild members.
  • Added Guild Quests, which reward guild experience and guild funds.
  • Guild Masters can convert a percentage of guild funds to gold and distribute to members once a week. These rewards are sent via parcel post to the guild members’ character that most recently logged in.
  • Restricted guild bank access to later guild levels. All items currently in guild banks will be moved to a temporary bank.

Civil Unrest: Velika

Guilds have the opportunity to fight for control of Velika once a week. Their reward is fame and Velika treasure.

  • Guilds must place a tower inside the Civil Unrest: Velika area during the preparation phase.
    • Tower Scrolls are purchased with guild funds and consumed when Tower is placed.
    • Only the player that placed the Tower can remove it.
  • During the Civil Unrest: Velika battle phase, in addition to attacking other guilds’ towers, BAMs will spawn that reward powerful buffs to the guild that delivers the killing blow.
  • The goal of Civil Unrest: Velika is to be the guild with the last tower standing.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Removed Dreadnaught weapon crate from the Desolate Garden Quest and added it to the Echoes Quest.
  • Etching, Crafting and Enchanting materials have had their sell price reduced to zero.
  • Kumas Royale
    • Rebalanced Aura of Healing.
    • Increased Healing Energy effect.
    • Boss Kumas is now immune to Healing Energy.
    • Increased Movement Speed of baby kumases by 80.
  • The achievement “Vacation’s Over” now rewards tier 9 alkahest instead of tier 8.
  • The +9 enchantment scroll obtained from TERA Rewards Emporium now applies to T9.
  • The item “Token of Friendship: Level 65” now rewards a +12 Enchantment Scroll that can be applied to T8 gear, and an Instance Reset Scroll that can reset more dungeons.
  • The enchantment boon box now rewards tier 8 or tier 9 feedstock and alkahest instead of tier 5 or 6.
  • Dreadspire is closed.
  • All Alliance and Crusade UI and NPC's will be removed. Alliance ends at maintenance. Skycastles will remain in the sky.
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