Patch Notes

Patch 48.04.02 Spellbound

October 25, 2016 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Class Changes | New Dungeon: Lilith’s Keep | New Dungeon: Ruinous Manor | Dungeon Tutorial
Dungeon Changes | Guild Changes | New Battleground - Iron Battleground | Battleground Changes
New Gear | UI and Miscellaneous Changes

What's New

Class Changes:


  • Burst of Celerity
    • Now a passive skill available at level 20 that increases Attack Speed by 30%.
    • Removed Glyphs
  • Replaced Overchannel with Mana Boost
    • Increases Attack Speed and skill damage when attacking monsters. Also enhances Arcane Pulse IX and Meteor Strike VII.
  • Arcane Pulse
    • Reduced charging levels from 3 to 2.
    • Increased speed of pulse
    • Increased number of pulses at full charge to 2 (more with [Mana Boost])
    • Reduced glyph point cost of Empowered Arcane Pulse from 4 to 3.
    • Reduced glyph point cost of Keen Arcane Pulse (uncommon & rare) from 4 to 3.
  • Mana Infusion
    • Increased MP replenishment
    • Now replenishes MP during casting.
    • Increased cooldown
  • Replaced Ice Needle with Frost Sphere
    • Added explosive shattering effect at max range.
  • Replaced Fireblast with Meteor Strike.
    • Increased Base damage.
    • Improved skill animation
  • Replaced Magma Bomb with Lightning Strike.
    • Calls down a line of consecutive lightning strikes in front of you.
  • Warp Barrier
    • Changed MP replenishment: previously recovered 5% of max MP per hit, now recovers 5% of max MP at the end of casting.
    • Mana Boost II does not apply while Warp Barrier is active.
  • Increased casting speed for the following skills:
    • Lightning Trap
    • Painful Trap
    • Mindblast
    • Glacial retreat
    • Painblast
    • Nova
  • Miscellaneous glyph changes
    • Keen Nova (rare) cost changed from 4 to 3.
    • Added Hastened Flaming Barrage
      • Increases casting speed by 30% (40% for uncommon).
    • Removed Indignant Backstep (common and uncommon).
    • Removed Indignant Glacial Retreat.
    • Removed Indignant Mana Siphon.
    • Removed Pumped Mana Barrier.


  • Reduced damage dealt to elite monsters in dungeons.
  • The following skills now apply to party/raid members only
    • Blessing of Shakan
      • Increased range to 12m.
    • Blessing of Balder
      • Reduced MP cost to 875.
      • Increased range to 12m.
    • Arise
    • Kaia’s Shield
    • Party members will lose these benefits if they leave the party, and the casting priest must remain in the party to maintain the effect.
  • Mana Charge
    • Increased MP replenishment, now based on charging level.
  • Enfeebling Triple Nemesis no longer stacks with a mystic’s Enfeebling Volley of Curses.
  • Energy Stars
    • Now buffs group members even when they use evasion skills.
  • Removed Homeward Bound.


  • Reduced damage dealt to elite monsters in dungeons.
  • Arun’s Vitae
    • Reduced the recovery effect for a second stack from 100% to 30%.
  • Enfeebling Volley of Curses no longer stacks with Priest’s Enfeebling Triple Nemesis.
  • Vow of Rebirth
    • Leaving a party will remove the buff.


  • Increased damage to elite monsters in dungeons.
  • Increased damage to boss monsters.

New Dungeon: Lilith’s Keep

  • Lilith’s Keep is a 5-person, level 65 dungeon located on a bluff behind the Cliffs of Insanity, in Popolion.
  • Normal mode:
    • Min item level: 410
    • 3 star difficulty
    • 2 entry per day (4 for Elite)
  • Hard mode:
    • Min item level: 417
    • 4 star difficulty
    • 1 entry per day (2 for Elite)

New Dungeon: Ruinous Manor

  • Ruinous Manor is a 5-person, level 65 dungeon located on a bluff behind the Cliffs of Insanity, in Popolion.
  • Normal mode:
    • Min item level: 417
    • 4 star difficulty
    • 1 entry per day (2 for Elite)
  • Hard mode:
    • Min item level: 422
    • 5 star difficulty
    • 1 entry per day (2 for Elite)

Dungeon Tutorial

  • Channelworks and Demokron Factory now feature a tutorial system, which requires the use of one of the following items to start play:
    • Minor Battle Solution (available at merchants)
    • Major Battle Solution (available at merchants)
    • Prime Battle Solution (available at merchants)
    • Elite Everful Nostrum
  • Added the following game elements to the starting areas:
    • Gate – prevents party members from entering combat area until they’ve taken the potion.
    • Guide NPC – reminds players to use Battle Solutions or an Everful Nostrum.
    • Merchant – sells Battle Solutions.
  • When all members have used the requisite item, the gate and guide NPCs despawn.

Dungeon Changes

  • Removed the following dungeons.
    • Manglemire
    • The Abscess (Hard)
    • Wonderholme
    • Forsaken Island
    • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (Hard)
    • Timescape
    • The Abscess
    • Bastion of Lok (Solo)
    • Sinestral Manor (Solo)
    • Cultist’s Refuge (Solo)
    • Necromancer Tomb (Solo)
    • Golden Labyrinth (Solo)
    • Ebon Tower (Solo)
  • Returning dungeons
    • Vault of Kaprima
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Celestial Arena
    • Reduced number of stages from 12 to 7.
    • Time limit has been changed from 12 to 10 minutes.
    • Crowd’s cheer buff now triggers at 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
    • Pumpkins and watermelons no longer speak.
    • All monster abilities are slightly increased.
    • No rewards given if not cleared within time limit.
    • Progression will stop upon death.
  • Akasha’s Hideout
    • Player will no longer receive Akasha’s Withering debuff upon entering the dungeon.
  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
    • Necklace added as extra reward for defeating dungeon.
  • Sky Cruiser (Hard) and Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
    • Slightly lowered attack of named bosses.

Guild Changes

  • Reduced Guild XP required for guild levels 1-20.
  • Increased the frequency of [Boss] quests for “Small” guilds.
  • Added guild quests for Ruinous Manor and Lilith’s Keep.
  • Reduced guild quest completion conditions.
  • Increased the number of quests-in-progress from 1 to 3.
  • Rally quests
    • Increased HP of rally quest monsters.
    • Lowered XP and guild fund rewards to match those of top-tier “Large” guild quests.
    • Increased ranks that can get rewards from 3 to 5.

New Battleground - Iron Battleground

  • Min level: 25
  • 8v8, solo queue battleground where players board and drive tanks to kill the other team.
  • Team with the most players left after 6 minutes wins the round.
  • Matches are played to best 2 out of 3.
  • Bellicarium
    • Win - 4600 credits and 150 reputation
    • Lose - 2000 credits and 50 reputation
  • Killing Spree
    • Win - 2500 credits and 150 reputation
    • Lose - 1500 credits and 50 reputation

Battleground Changes

  • The following Battlegrounds now use equalized gear:
    • Fraywind Canyon
    • Champions’ Skyring (Solo)
    • Gridiron
  • Changed Corsairs’ Stronghold rewards
    • Win – 6000 Bellicarium (was 4000) and 2500 Killing Spree (was 1800) credits
    • Loss – Killing Spree credits increased from 900 to 1000 (no change for Bellicarium)
    • Max contribution increased to 3000 Bellicarium and 1500 Killing Spree, respectively.
  • Changed Fraywind Canyon rewards
    • Win – 2000 (was 2400) Killing Spree credits
    • Lose – 1000 (was 1200) Killing Spree credits
    • Max contribution limit (Killing Spree) decreased from 2000 to 1600.
  • Changed Champions’ Skyring (Team) rewards
    • Win – 2800 (was 2000) Bellicarium and 2000 (was 1400) Killing Spree credits
    • Lose – 1400 (was 1000) Bellicarium and 1000 (was 700) Killing Spree credits
  • Changed Champions’ Skyring (Solo) rewards
    • Win – 2600 (was 2000) Bellicarium and 1800 (was 1400) Killing Spree credits
    • Lose – 1300 (was 1000) Bellicarium and 900 (was 700) Killing Spree credits
  • Changed Gridiron rewards
    • Win – 2500 (was 3000) Bellicarium and 1800 (was 1400) Killing Spree credits
    • Lose – 900 (was 700) Killing Spree credits (no change in Bellicarium rewards)
    • Max contribution limit (Killing Spree) decreased from 1000 to 900.
  • Kumas Royale
    • Win – 2500 (was 1800) Bellicarium and 2000 (was 800) Killing Spree credits
    • Max contribution limit decreased to 2000 Bellicarium and 1000 Killing Spree, respectively.
    • Updated contents of Kumas’s Victor Chest.

New Gear

  • Added new sets - Ambush (tier 11) and Guile (tier 10)
  • Ambush crafting materials include:
    • Lady’s Handkerchief - Ruinous Manor (Hard), Lachelith's Treasure Chest, Lilith's Treasure Chest, Sea Chest, Battle Reward, Gridiron Superbrawl Rewards, Kumas's Victor Chest.
    • Caprin Handles - Crafted from Caprin Horns, drops from Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Ruinous Manor, Lilith’s Keep, Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), Lilith’s Keep (Hard), Ruinous Manor (Hard).
      • Also appears in various chests like Lady’s Handkerchief.
    • Eau d’Fascination - Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Ruinous Manor, Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), Ruinous Manor (Hard).
    • Hypnotic Powder - Lilith’s Keep (Normal & Hard) and Lilith’s Treasure Chest.
    • Envy Crystal - Ruinous Manor (Normal & Hard) and Lachelith’s Treasure Chest.
  • Guile gear is available in the Ace Medal Shop.
  • Added new accessory sets
    • Manor and Estate - drops in various dungeons.
    • Blubred and Landsheart - Crafted PVP accessories.
  • Added tier 11 enchanting materials
    • Tier 10 feedstock can now be converted to tier 11.
    • Spellbind X can now be converted to Spellbind XI.

Item Changes

  • Upgraded stats for Conflate gear.
  • Removed the stamina system.
    • Adjusted item tooltips.
    • All stamina improving items have been replaced in loot boxes.
    • Stamina is now locked at 120 and no longer displayed in the UI: Bonus HP/MP from having high Stamina is now considered to be the default value.
    • Death does not affect Stamina.
    • Skills that affect Stamina are now either removed or the stamina effects are removed.
    • Mounts with a Stamina-rejuvenating effect now restore 0.5% of max HP/MP per second.
    • Rootstock food items with Stamina-related effects have been changed.
  • The following items are now unusable.
    • Campfires, charms, and firewood
    • Stamina-related consumables
    • Bandages (Bandage-related achievements have been changed)
    • Most potions
  • Added Battle Solutions to replace some of the effects of charms, onslaught scrolls, and battle nostrums.
    • Battle Solutions come in three varieties (Minor, Major, and Prime), and are intended for players level 1-30 players, 31-60, and 61-65 respectively.
    • Battle Solutions last for 30 minutes, with the following effects.
      • Increases Power by 9/18/27%.
      • Increases Endurance by 7/14/20%
      • Replenishes 4.5/9/13% MP every 5 seconds.
      • Decreases cooldown of attack skills by 5/10/15%.
      • Increases Crit Power by +0.54/1.07/1.42 for Tanks and DPS.
      • Increases Attack Speed of Healers by 5/7/10.
  • Added new potions to restore HP and MP.
    • HP - Minor/Major/Prime Recovery Potable
    • MP- Minor/Major/Prime Replenishment Potable
  • The following potions and items still function normally:
    • Rejuvenation Potion
    • Health Potion
    • Divine Infusion
    • Sarberry Ice
    • Sarberry Deliciousness and other event potions.
  • Added new reward tokens:
    • Undercede Token
    • Intercede Token
    • Supercede Token
    • Lakan’s Charm
  • Underfall, Dawnfall, and Dawnstorm tokens are no longer usable.
    • Undershade, Shadetop, and Shadecore tokens still function normally.
  • Updated the contents of existing Battleground chests.
  • Bank expansion items can now unlock 4 additional bank tabs (total of 8).
  • Added the ability to craft anywhere in the game.
  • Removed Valkyon’s Response and Rescue Supplies from Instance Matching rewards.

UI and Miscellaneous Changes

  • A new achievement season is underway.
    • Moved unachievable achievements to the Legacy category.
    • Moved achievements for Vault of Kaprima and Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard) to the appropriate categories.
  • It is now easier to complete rare monster hunting achievements.
    • Reduced required kill count to 1.
    • Reduced respawn time of achievement rare monsters.
  • Changed category of Corsairs’ Stronghold BG achievements from Special to “Dungeons and Battlegrounds.”
  • Civil Unrest: Velika
    • Fixed issue in where Guild Towers could be constructed in inaccessible areas.
    • Removed pre-season Guild Tower scroll.
  • Buffs can now be grouped by categories
    • Grouping must be enabled in Options.
    • If there are no active buffs, the category icon is not displayed.
    • Debuffs are displayed as before, and cannot be grouped.
  • Rearranged various interface elements
    • Health is now displayed at the bottom of the screen, in the middle.
    • Main menu is now displayed at the top of the screen, and is scaled down to 80%.
    • Elements can be returned to their defaults with ‘Reset UI position’ in Options.
  • Crits are now displayed in orange.
  • Improved area attack indicators to clarify what attacks can be blocked and what ones should be avoided at all costs:
    • Blue: Players are safe within these circles.
    • Orange: Players can block or avoid damage using certain class skills.
    • Red: Damage cannot be blocked or avoided.
  • Elite Bar
    • XP, Reputation, and Gold boosts no longer appear in the buff bar, but are still active.
    • Removed Talisman Trio (no longer usable).
  • Combined Vanguard attendance buffs into a single, 3-tiered buff.
    • Movement speed +7/14/20
    • Max HP +1/3/5%.
    • Increase Power by 1/3/6.
  • Rebalanced mid- and high-tier monsters on the Island of Dawn to match new gear sets.
  • Added Dragon Scales to daily mission quests.
    • Dragon Scales are used to purchase Dragon Eggs, which may hatch into an Iron or Crimson Dragon mount. For exact details on how this works, visit our discussion thread on the forum.
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