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Patch 50.02.03.EN1 Fang And Feather

November 30, 2016 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

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Fang And Feather


Added Behemoth Gear

  • New tier 11 gear obtained from Harrowhold raid dungeon.
  • Use Vergos’s Fang to convert Ambush weapons to Behemoth weapons.
  • Use Vergos’s Scale to convert Ambush body armor to Behemoth body armor.
  • Use Vergos’s Horn to convert Ambush handwear to Behemoth handwear.
  • Use Vergos’s Bone to convert Ambush footwear to Behemoth footwear.



Updated the archer with new skills and significant changes to old skills.

Find Weakness
“While active, your next attack is considered to be an attack from the rear, regardless of your relative position. Effect lasts 8 sec. or until you hit a target.”

  • Affects all archer attack skills
  • Effect duration: 8 sec
  • MP cost: 200

“Charge forward up to 16m.”

  • Ends when the archer collides with a monster or enemy player
  • Cooldown: 25 sec
  • MP cost: 188

The Focus System
You receive a Focus buff when you hit a target with Arrow, Rapid Fire, or Sequential Fire. Upon reaching 10 stacks of Focus, Focus X activates, which reduces the charging time of all charging skills (Radiant Arrow and Penetrating Arrow).

“Shoot an arrow at a target. Each successful hit generates 1 Focus. (Stack Focus 10 times to reduce the charging speed of Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow.)
PvP: Deals reduced damage at max distance.”

  • The Focus buff replaces the Arrow buff. (See above.)

Radiant Arrow

  • Increased damage by 25 percent
  • Carving Radiant Arrow glyph:
    • Rare glyph now triples the chance to crit (rather than doubling it)
    • Reduced glyph cost: 4 (Uncommon), 3 (Rare)

Penetrating Arrow

  • Increased damage by 25 percent

Rain of Arrows

  • Increased damage by 10 percent
  • The player’s relative position for the first hit is used as the positional damage modifier for the rest of the skill's hits. For example, if the first hit of Rain of Arrows is from the rear, the remaining hits will be considered attacks from the rear.


  • Now moves in the direction of the movement key (if used).

Rapid Fire
“Hold down the skill button to quickly fire up to 7 arrows. Each successful hit generates 1 Focus. (Stack Focus 10 times to reduce the charging speed of Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow.)
PvP: Deals reduced damage at max distance.”

  • Increased damage of first hit by 300 percent.
  • Increased damage of 2nd–7th hit by 10 percent.
  • Each hit generates 1 Focus.
  • Empowered Rapid Fire: Lowered bonus damage from 50 percent to 20 percent.
  • Persistent Rapid Fire: Increased reset chance from 10 percent to 15 percent.

Poison Arrow

  • Reduced casting time by 70 percent.

Sequential Fire (previously Final Salvo)
“Fire a quick, damaging arrow after casting Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, or Thunderbolt, which cancels the stagger effect from those skills. A successful hit generates 3 Focus. (Stack Focus 10 times to reduce the charging speed of Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow.)
PvP: Deals reduced damage at max distance.”

  • Final Salvo changed to Sequential Fire.
  • Changed from 5 separate hits to a single 1-hit attack.
    • The 1-hit attack's damage is 40 percent more than total of Final Salvo's 5 hits.
  • Sequential Fire interrupts the archer’s animations from Penetrating Arrow, Radiant Arrow, and Thunderbolt.
  • Successful hit generates 3 Focus.
  • Persistent Final Salvo has changed to Energetic Sequential Fire.
    • Uncommon glyph decreases cooldown by 25 percent.
    • Rare glyph decreases cooldown by 35 percent.

Eagle's Eye
Removed this skill from the game.


  • Increased damage by 100 percent.
  • Added Noctenium Infusion effect:
    • Increases damage.
    • Cost: 2 per skill use.
  • Reduced PvP damage by 30 percent.
  • Added Carving Thunderbolt glyphs:
    • Uncommon glyph doubles the chance to crit (cost: 4).
    • Rare glyph triples the chance to crit (cost: 3).

Breakaway Bolt

  • Players can now choose the direction of the movement with the direction keys.

Incendiary Trap Arrow

  • Increased damage by 20 percent.

Snare (previously Slow Trap Arrow)
"Launch an arrow at enemies. Press the skill button again before it reaches the max distance to detonate the arrow early, briefly slowing all surrounding enemies.
PvP: Slowing effect and duration is reduced."

  • Slow Trap Arrow changed to Snare.
  • You must now use the skill button a second time to shoot and detonate the first shot and apply the slow effect.
  • All enemies hit by the detonation receive a debuff which decreases Movement Speed.
  • Against monsters: Decreases Movement Speed by 90 percent.
    • Snare I - Effect duration 10 sec.
    • Snare II - Effect duration 11 sec.
  • Against players: Decreases Movement Speed by 20 percent.
    • Snare I - Effect duration 5 sec.
    • Snare II - Effect duration 5.5 sec.
  • Cooldown: 20 sec.
  • MP cost: 380

Velik's Mark
“Mark a target. You deal 10 percent more damage to the marked target.”

  • Reduced bonus from 20 percent to 10 percent.


Increased damage to elite monsters and bosses.

Ultimate Overhand Strike

  • Now affected by gear option, Noctenium Infusion, Powerlinked Knockdown Strike, and Powerlinked Eviscerate.


Fiery Rage / Flurry of Blows

  • Removed Flurry of Blows as a skill, and added its effect to Fiery Rage III–VI.
    • Using Fiery Rage III activates Flurry of Blows I effect.
    • Using Fiery Rage IV activates Flurry of Blows I effect.
    • Using Fiery Rage V activates Flurry of Blows II effect.
    • Using Fiery Rage VI activates Flurry of Blows II effect.
  • Duration of Flurry of Blows effect is reduced from 15 sec. to 10 sec.
  • HP cost now applies to Fiery Rage (III–VI).
  • Using Fiery Rage while Intimidation is active activates a Flurry of Blows effect, but applies "Silent Rage" abnormality which prevents Flurry of Blows from activating again for 20 sec. once it expires.

Enhanced Thunder Strike

  • Added a passive skill which increases the next Thunder Strike’s chance to crit when Thunder Strike fails to crit. Only applies to PvE.

Reduced cooldowns of Evasive Roll and Evasive Smash.

Glyph Changes

  • Lingering Flurry of Blows has been changed to Lingering Fiery Rage.
    • Lingering Fiery Rage (Common): Increases duration of Flurry of Blows effect by 30 percent.
    • Lingering Fiery Rage (Uncommon): Increases duration of Flurry of Blows effect by 35 percent.
  • Removed Energetic Evasive Roll.
  • Added Energetic Evasive Smash: Decreases cooldown by 20 percent.


Increased damage to elite monsters and bosses.


Increased damage to elite monsters and bosses.


Vow of Rebirth buff no longer expires after teleporting.


Blssing of Shakan, Blessing of Blader, Arise, and Kaia’s Shield buffs no longer expire after teleporting.

New Dungeon: Harrowhold

Fang and Feather also introduces a new epic raid dungeon, and brings several improvements to the way raids work. See the Harrowhold game guide for additional information.

Dungeon Information

  • Harrowhold is a level 65 raid dungeon for 6–30 players (30 players is highly-recommended).
  • The teleportal to Harrowhold is located at the airship dock in the Velika Outskirts.
  • Players cannot enter Harrowhold via instance matching.
  • Harrowhold does not apply the Joy of Partying.
  • Entry limits: One full clear per week.
  • Entry is based on a new phase system (see below).
  • There are no Elite-only benefits for this dungeon.
  • No Neophyte Resuscitation.
  • When a player receives a removable debuff in Harrowhold, that player’s HP bar will turn purple.
  • Added eight new achievements relating to Harrowhold.
  • Each player receives Velik's Blessing upon entering Harrowhold.

30-Person Raid UI

  • Updated the Raid UI for the increased raid maximum party size (from 20 players to 30 players).
  • Added several features (such as raid member invite) for player convenience.
  • Reduced the amount of space the raid UI takes up on the screen, and removed unnecessary information.
  • Added a “magnet” function, allowing raid party windows to be separated or attached together.
    • Applied a “snap-to-grid” function so that when a party window is moved near another party window, it automatically lines up and attaches.
    • The attached party windows can be moved together by moving the top left window.

Dungeon Phase System

The dungeon phase system allows players to finish the dungeon in stages, rather than all at once, by “binding” the player to the stage of the dungeon, rather than to the entire dungeon. This way, a player can complete Phase 1 of Harrowhold, then take a break, coming back to complete Phase 2 at a later time.

  • Each time a character clears a dungeon's phase, the game records that information for the character.
    • This information is displayed on the player’s Profile UI > Instances tab.
    • Once a cleared phase is recorded, all the phases up to the cleared point cannot be played again that week.
  • When an instance dungeon is being created, the starting play phase is determined by the raid leader's “cleared phase” info.
    • If the raid leader transfers leadership to another player, the phase is still determined by the original raid leader's cleared phase info.
    • If a raid member's cleared phase info is higher than the raid leader's, that member cannot enter the dungeon. (Same or lower is fine.)
    • If a raid member's cleared phase info is higher than the dungeon's cleared phase, that member cannot enter the dungeon. (Same or lower is fine.)
  • Each player’s cleared phase info resets weekly on Tuesday at 5 a.m. PST, after which the dungeon can again be started from the first phase.
  • Inside Harrowhold, the Reset Instances button resets the dungeon to the start of the phase, but does not reset the cleared phase info.
  • Each phase is recorded as cleared immediately upon completion of the phase.
    • As long as a character is inside the dungeon at the start of phase, that character is considered to have started that phase.
    • If a character is outside the dungeon at the start of any given phase, that character will not be considered to have started that phase.
    • If the player is in Character Select screen and has not entered dungeon at the start of each phase, the character will not be considered to have started the next phase.
    • Characters who were inside the dungeon but logged out to the lobby at the start of the phase will be considered to have started the next phase.
    • Characters who are no longer in the raid party will not be considered to have started the next phase.
  • For Harrowhold (for example), the phase completion points are as follows:
    • Phase 1: All 4 dragons are dead.
    • Phase 2: Vergos's HP reduced to 40 percent.
    • Phase 3: Vergos's HP reduced to 20 percent.
    • Phase 4: Vergos's HP reduced to 0 percent.


Fang and Feather adds several new achievements related to battlegrounds.

  • We added Iron Battleground and Kumas Royale to Dungeons and Battlegrounds category.
    • Achievements UI > Dungeons and BGs > Iron Battleground
    • Achievements UI > Dungeons and BGs > Kumas Royale
  • We added the following achievements for Iron Battleground:
    • Welcome to Iron Battleground (Won a match in Iron Battleground)
    • Cannons, Fire! (Won 30 matches in Iron Battleground)
    • One with the Tank (Won 100 matches in Iron Battleground)
    • Bulls-eye! (Won 300 matches in Iron Battleground)
    • Press the Attack! (Destroy all tanks in Iron Battleground 300 times)
  • We added the following achievements for Kumas Royale:
    • Kumas Dreaming (Won once in Kumas Royale)
    • Is Kumas Me or Am I Kumas? (Won 10 times in Kumas Royale)
    • I Am the King (Won 30 times in Kumas Royale)
    • Looking for Pallialith? (Destroyed Pallialith 100 times in Kumas Royale, including Pallialiths destroyed by team members)
    • Most Dangerous Catch (Earned first rank in Kumas Royale 20 times)

Battleground Quests

  • Upon entering Iron Battleground, players receive the daily quest “Tanker for a Day!”
    • Awards an Iron Gear Box.
  • We updated the contents of reward boxes for battlegrounds.
  • We added special Vanguard Requests for each day of the week:
    • Monday: Gridiron
    • Tuesday: Iron Battlefield
    • Wednesday: Corsairs' Stronghold
    • Thursday: Kumas Royale
    • Friday: Iron Battlefield
    • Saturday: Corsairs' Stronghold
    • Sunday: Fraywind Canyon
  • We changed the drop rate of 1st rank reward contents in Celestial Arena.

Return of Dreamstorm

Fang and Feather brings back Dreamstorm, with updated rewards.

  • As before, a system message will announce the Dreamstorm event, after which the various Dreamstorm locations appear on the world map, and players have 10 minutes to reach one of these sites and accept the “Operation: Overwatch” quest.
    • Only available to level 65 characters.
    • Players receive the Oriyn’s Resurgence abnormality upon accepting the quest. (Oriyn’s Resurgence resurrects you immediately while it is in effect.)

Free-Flight Zones

We’ve expanded the free-flight areas for flying mounts to include all of Northern Shara (except Kaiator and Three Towers):

  • Sylvanoth
  • Lorcada
  • Kaiator Outskirts
  • Val Tirkai
  • Helkan District
  • Val Kaeli


We’ve updated the Guild Leveling system, made a few adjustments to Civil Unrest: Velika, and reintroduced GvG Battles.

Civil Unrest: Velika

  • We removed penalty points for death in Civil Unrest ranking calculation.
  • We updated the loot table for named monsters in Civil Unrest: Velika:
    • The Imperator box is now an Ambush box.
    • We added more Goddess's Gemstones to the loot table.

Guild Leveling System

  • Starting at level 20, every fifth level reached will grant XP to the player's guild. The player also gains contribution points.


  • We reintroduced GvG battles with a few modifications:
    • You can declare GvG battle against other guilds from the Guild UI.
    • Declaring GvG battle costs guild funds.
    • GvG battles are not available on PvE servers.

Story Quests

We’ve made changes to a number of story quests.

Enemies in the Midst

  • Improved monster spawn timing.
  • Placed additional monsters.
  • Improved placement of monsters
  • "Scion Assassins" task: NPC Bruke now spawns after all spawned monsters are killed.

Rescue the Core

  • Placed additional monsters, increasing the spawns from 2 to 11.
  • Improved placement of monsters.
  • Reduced core defense timer from 6 minutes to 4 minutes.
  • Boss monsters spawn up to 2 times.

Dark Dreams Sundered

  • Reduced defense timer (for protecting Davina) from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Placed additional monsters.

Unveil the Mask

  • The quest item has been changed to a counter (not an inventory item).


  • Improvements to the UI include:
    • Equipped gear tooltip now has a different border.
    • Equipped gear tooltip now has the "Equipped" window name on the top.
    • The design tooltip now also displays a result window labeled "Craft Result."
    • Added "Receive Lost Quest Item" button to the quest UI.
  • Village Atlas:
    • Previously, players had to double click the chosen location on the UI to teleport. Now, clicking a location bring up the confirmation UI.
  • The attributes of superior rarity etching scrolls have changed.
    • Cannot be traded.
    • Cannot be stored in guild bank.
  • Added PvP Defense option to Conflate armor (feet): Increases PvP Defense.
  • Added Tier 9 Feedstock reward to level 65 Vanguard Rewards guide quest (one time only).
  • The Rootstock food buff "pig icon" now only displays for a moment.
    • The pig icon flashes once upon using the food, then disappears.
    • If the food buff is already in effect, the icon flash effect will not display.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where Cathodyne and Prismatronic weapon skin effects appeared abnormally on reapers.

See the Fang and Feather update page for additional information.

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