Patch Notes

Patch 51.03.02.EN1 Broken Prison

January 10, 2017 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

What's New

We made various changes to PvP rules and level 65 quests–as well as adding a new dungeon!

New Dungeon: The Broken Prison

The Broken Prison is a new 5-person, level 65 dungeon that takes players into Lakan's Prison to investigate some mysterious activity...and a possible escape.

  • Required level: 65
  • Minimum Item Level: 417 (for instance matching)
  • Entry teleportal located in the southwest corner of Deva Silver, in Oblivion Woods
  • Entry Limit: 1 per day (Elite: 2 per day)
  • Bosses: Gorgoth, Molek, Balbatos
  • Loot: alkahests, designs and materials for Imperator and Ambush sets; designs and materials for Quatrefoil Brooch; Manorborne and Estateborne accessories; Tier 10 enchanting materials.
  • The Broken Prison features seven new achievements.

Dungeon Updates: Harrowhold

We've made a few adjustments to this raid:

  • Players can no longer use Goddess’s Blessings in Harrowhold.
  • We have adjusted Vergos to be more challenging.


We made various improvements and refinements to Vanguard quests and quest tracking:

  • When players hit level 65, the quest tracker automatically resets, leaving just the three highest-priority quests.
  • Players no longer automatically acquire the following early level 65 zone quests:
    • Etching to Get Started
    • Hands with Many Hats
    • Engineering the Outcome
    • Friends of the Family
  • We added an item level requirement (item level 417) to the story quest Wrath of Dragons.
  • For PvP servers, we removed the quest ‘The Outlaw.’ Players can still learn the Outlaw Declaration skill directly from Skill UI upon reaching level 65.
  • We removed special battleground Vanguard Quests.


We made a minor improvement to a couple of loot boxes:

  • We updated the Monarch's Treasure Chest and Prince's Treasure Chests from Tier 5 alkahests to Tier 6 alkahests.


We reduced the Guild-versus-Guild declaration fee and penalty:

  • We reduced the declaration fee from 50 percent to 300/900/1,500 guild funds (for small/medium/large guilds).
  • We reduced the penalty by 66 percent (2/3) to 5/15/25 guild funds per hour (for small/medium/large guilds).


We made some changes to Kumas Royale:

  • Kumas Royale is now two separate battlegrounds: one for players from level 20-64, and one for level 65 players.
  • The level 20-64 Kumas Royale equalizes all players to level 65.
  • We changed the requirement for kicking a player from a party in Kumas Royale from 80% party agreement to 100%.

UI Changes

We made a change to the TERA UI:

  • You can now change the Raid Party UI size, by going to Options > UI Settings > Scale Combat Elements > Raid Parties.

Bug Fixes

  • Flight skills now revert to default locations when you dismount from a flying mount.
  • We corrected an issue with Bamarama incorrectly refunding bets under conditions other than the world server going down.
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