Patch Notes

Patch 52.03.02 Sword and Hoard

January 31, 2017 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

What's New

We’ve revamped the warrior, added a new equipment type, and made general gameplay improvements.

Warrior Revamp

Our updates of TERA's original classes continue with the warrior.

  • Edge generated by warrior skills no longer stacks on a target, but instead is displayed underneath a players HP/MP bars.
  • We’ve added a new passive skill, Head On, which increases Crit Power when attacking monsters from the front.
  • Poison Blade now generates more edge, but no longer has a noctenium infusion effect.
  • Scythe now does 10% more damage in PvE.
  • Smoke Aggressor is now an instant cast, and 50% of all damage you receive while it’s active (20% in PvP) is transferred to the spirit.
  • Traverse Cut no longer has an Endurance debuff, but now grants an Attack Speed buff with every successful hit.
  • Deadly Gamble II now enhances high-level versions Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, and Scythe.
  • Torrent of Blows has greatly increased PvE damage, and now generates a frontal defense effect.
  • We’ve increased the PvE damage of Charging Slash, Combative Strike, and Blade Draw, and all damage for Rising Fury.
  • We’ve increased all skill damage for Rain of Blows, and reduced the cooldown.
  • Additionally, Assault Stance now increases all skill damage when attacking monsters.
  • Mangle has been removed.
  • The Carving Scythe glyph now doubles (or triples) the chance to crit when attacking monsters.

New Items

There’s a new equippable item, the circlet. It goes in the head slot of your profile, and any cosmetic item previously in that slot has been moved to the costuming tab.

  • Circlets offer Defense and Balance modifiers, and affect your item level.
  • They drop in Ruinous Manor (all), Broken Prison, Lilith’s Keep (Hard), Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), Harrowhold, and the Civil Unrest zone.
  • Also available from battleground reputation stores.
  • Included in equalized gear sets for battlegrounds.

We’ve added a way for you to enhance existing noctenium infusions.

  • An Uncommon Noctenium Refiner (available from Vanguard Initiative Quartermasters for 700 credits) condenses 400 Noctenium Infusions into an Uncommon Noctenium Elixir.
  • An Uncommon Noctenium Elixir increases a skill’s noctenium effect by 50%, and increases all skill damage for 10 minutes, during which time Noctenium Infusions are not consumed.
  • The effects of an Uncommon Noctenium Elixir are cancelled when entering a battleground.

Additionally, Noctenium Infusions no longer increase PvP Attack/Defense.

Accessory Resizing

You can now improve the stats of high-end accessories, using a Resizing kit.

  • Manor, Estate, Blubred, and Landsheart necklaces.
  • Manorborne, Estateborne, Blurbred, and Landsheart rings and earrings.
  • A resized accessory’s start and random options get a slight upgrade.
  • You may equip two resized accessories with the same name, but they are not tradeable, and still bound to the original character.
  • Resizing an accessory does not change or destroy an equipped crystal, nor will it “randomize” any options.
  • Resized necklaces and rings gain an additional fixed option of “increases your healing skills.”
  • Resizing kits drop from Ruinous Manor (all), Broken Prison, Lilith’s Keep (Hard), Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), Harrowhold, and the Civil Unrest zone.
  • Also available from battleground reputation stores.

Guild Changes

We’ve made several changes to guild quests, the guild UI, and Civil Unrest: Velika.

  • The guild UI now displays the offline time of guild members.
  • We’ve added circlets and accessory resizing kits to Civil Unrest mobs.
  • Rally quests now randomly appear throughout the day, and are no longer “first come, first served.” We’ve also changed them so that they may be abandoned.
  • When a Rally quest is accepted, it generates a global notice. The target monster will spawn on ch. 1 a minute after the notification.
  • After accepting a Rally quest, any guild that helps defeat the target monster can complete it, though loot drops are only available to the top 5 raid parties (based on contribution rankings).


We’ve made some balance adjustments to our signature 30-player raid. In addition to overall play balance, we’ve:

  • Reduced the range of Vergos’ gaze pattern in phases 2 and 4.
  • Changed the Flame/Dust pattern in phase 3 so that either element can appear at random.

Additionally, the changes to the warrior’s Edge generation mean that Velik’s Blessing no longer enhances Scythe.

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been corrected in this release.

  • Archer
    • Sequential Fire did not generate 3 stacks of focus for castanic males.
  • Ninja
    • Burning Heart’s skill cooldown was not reduced by battle solutions.
    • The Horrorspray weapon icon was not displaying correctly in inventory.
  • Gunner
    • Using potions or brooch effects during Burst Fire sometimes canceled the skill.
  • Mystic
    • Dismounting from rare dragons was cancelling Aura of the Swift and Aura of the Merciless.
  • Reaper
    • When using Soul Reversal, the reaper and the target momentarily overlapped.
  • Warrior
    • Leaping Strike was not properly chaining with Scythe while Deadly Gamble was active.
  • The achievement rewards tab was not displaying all content.
  • Using a guild skill, then changing guild masters, was cancelling the skill's cooldown.
  • System messages for Civil Unrest: Velika guild XP rewards were not displaying properly.
  • Timed quests were not updating correctly in the quest tracker when players were on multiple guild quests.
  • Empowered Brooches purchased from the trade broker were displaying abnormal effects.
  • During phase 2 of Harrowhold, using Backstab on Vergos was causing players to move to unintended locations.
  • During phase 3 of Harrowhold, players receiving the Flame/Dust debuff after resurrecting were carrying the debuff beyond phase 3.
  • During phase 4 of Harrowhold, players who died with Flame were not triggering Explosion upon death.
  • There was an area in Seeliewood where players could fall through the world.

Known Issues

The following situations have been documented, but are not addressed by this build.

  • Sorcerer
    • On occasion, Meteor Strike does not cast after using Mana Boost.
    • Painblast is not syncing correctly while using directional keys.
    • Hail Storm’s range and effects are not the same in PvP.
  • Brawler
    • Rampage sometimes attacks away from the intended target.
  • Berserker
    • The “Blood for Life” achievement is being awarded abnormally.
  • The VIP Icon sometimes does not display accurate experience totals.
  • Players are unable to edit guild titles.
  • Characters who complete Kumas Royale before level 65 are having difficulty resetting the quest tracker at level 65.
  • At levels 51-55, Vanguard Requests for battlegrounds are not displaying correctly.
  • Skill manuals for Iron and Crimson dragon mounts cannot be stored in the bank.
  • During the Dreamstorm, the remaining time does not always display properly on the map.
  • Players are reporting difficulty teleporting to certain locations in Thrallhold.
  • During phase 4 of Harrowhold, the Blistering Heat debuff may reapply if cleared quickly.
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