Patch Notes

57.03.02.EN3 Dragonsire's Revenge

July 11, 2017 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Dungeons | Enchantment Effect Sets | System Refinements | Guild vs. Guild Updates
Civil Unrest: Velika | Class Updates | Returning Hero | Vanguard Request Quest UI
Summer Festival | Elite Status | Bug Fixes


We’ve changed up the dungeon lineup, including bringing back a few:


Harrowhold is a level 65 multi-stage raid dungeon.

  • We changed the maximum raid size from 30 players to 20 players.
  • The quest NPC for “Wrath of Dragons” is now called Besh (rather than Ciebel) and will be available to level 65 characters with at least item level 423 and have not previously completed the quest.
  • We changed two of Harrowhold’s achievements:
    • “Fire in the Hold”—Received Flame effect 50 times from Vergos in Harrowhold.
    • “Dust in the Wind”—Received Dust effect 50 times from Vergos in Harrowhold.
  • Vergos’s Bone, Vergos’s Horn, Vergos’s Scale, and Vergos’s Fang can be used to convert Deathwrack gear into Oblit gear.

Bathysmal Rise (Hard)

The hard mode for Bathysmal Rise is a level 65 dungeon that requires a minimum item level of 423 for party matching.

Players can enter Bathysmal Rise (Hard) once per day (twice for elite players), via instance matching, or the teleportal at the Arch of the Seeker in Ex Prima.

Akeron’s Inferno (Hard)

The hard mode for Akeron’s Inferno is a level 65 dungeon that requires a minimum item level of 423 for party matching.

Players can enter Akeron’s Inferno (Hard) once per day (twice for elite players), via instance matching, or the teleportal at the Zaeltarazad Shrine in Wyrmgorge.

Departing Dungeons

The following dungeons are going away:

  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
  • Timescape

Enchantment Effect Sets

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to store two sets of enchantment effects on one equipment item.

  • Currently available on items with a +12 or higher enchantment from the following sets:
    • Oblit (Tier 12)
    • Deathwrack (Tier 12)
    • Misery (Tier 11)
    • Ambush (Tier 11)
    • Behemoth (Tier 11)
  • Use Shift + Right-Click to unlock the second set of effects on an item. (If a second set is already unlocked on that item, Shift + Right-Click instead opens the Change Effect Set popup window.)

System Refinements

We’ve made some improvements on a couple of different systems:

  • Block Function—There is now a confirmation window popup when you use the block function. Right-click on the player you want to block (or use the chat command) to bring up the popup window.
  • Smart Boxes—Removed the smart box animation from some smart boxes, and reduced the cooldown to 1 second.

Guild vs. Guild Updates

We made some changes to GvG to help prevent trolling:

  • A guild can now surrender after 30 minutes (instead of 60 minutes).
  • Redeclaring war on the same guild now has a 3-hour cooldown (instead of a 1-hour cooldown).
    • Cooldown for redeclaration starts at the end of GvG, instead of when the war was first declared.

Civil Unrest: Velika

We’ve adjusted the event to reward more players for participation:

  • Adjusted treasury rewards
    • First place—50% of treasury balance
    • Second place—30% of treasury balance
    • Third place—10% of treasury balance
    • Fourth and Fifth Place—5% of treasury balance
  • Added ranking rewards
    • Players who rank from 1–20 now receive reward boxes.
    • Players must participate in a significant portion of the event to receive reward boxes.
    • Guild members who do not directly participate in Civil Unrest: Velika will not receive rewards.
  • Modified the rules for ranking determination
    • Destroying enemy towers improves your ranking.
    • Keeping your tower’s HP high improves your ranking.
    • Enemies killed by your guild improve your ranking.
    • Length of time your tower survives improves your ranking

Class Updates

We made some improvements to a few classes:

  • Brawler
    • The skill Growing Fury now increases the brawler’s Power by 45 (rather than 30). It also increases the Crit Factor to 50 (rather than 30), and Rage consumption is now 250 (instead of 300).
    • The skill Quick Dash can be used a second time within 8 seconds of the first use of Quick Dash. Cooldown is changed from 5 seconds to 8 seconds, and is now calculated based on the initiation of the second use.
    • The glyph Persistent Quick Dash is now Energetic Quick Dash. (It decreases cooldown, rather than having a chance to eliminate cooldown).
      • The glyph Energetic Quick Dash (Common) decreases cooldown by 15% (3 glyph points).
      • The glyph Energetic Quick Dash (Uncommon) decreases cooldown by 20% (3 glyph points).
  • Sorcerer/Mystic
    • The skill Teleport Jaunt can now be cast in the direction of the movement key.

Returning Hero

We’ve updated the contents of existing reward boxes:

  • We updated the equipment per level range, and added feedstock and alkahests to facilitate faster enchanting.
  • The level 65 box now contains an Avatar weapon (Bahaar), combat consumables, etching scrolls, and a complete veteran crystalbind.

Vanguard Request Quest UI

  • Added a list view to the Vanguard Request UI.
    • Displays 6 requests on one screen (rather than 4).
    • Removes the request’s image, location, and description.
  • The option to show Vanguard Request quests in the quest tracker (the eye icon) disappears when you complete the quest. The backgrounds of completed quests become darker.

Summer Festival

Reward Items—We changed the icons for the summer festival reward items.

Elite Status

We’ve updated the elite status gift box:

  • The elite status gift box now contains Tier 12 feedstock.
  • The elite status mount is now Eclipse.
  • We added a strongbox key.
  • We removed the apothecary dye.

Bug Fixes

We’ve corrected a few bugs:

  • Tuwangi Mire—Quest For My Next Trick can now be completed by gathering Essence of Wind.
  • Velik’s Hold (Normal/Hard)—Fixed an issue where a Prokyon/Nightmare Prokyon would use the wrong attack pattern when dropped below 80% HP within 40 seconds.
  • Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard) – Players removing the debuff Sanguine Curse should no longer cause immediate death.
  • Crafting – Runeglaive weaponcrafting designs now count towards Artisan Weaponcrafting Test progression.

Known Issues

Phantom Menace quest line – Players that complete The Fall of the Betrayer before starting Revelation of the Goddess will be blocked from advancing the first three quests of the quest line.

Item Changes

Removed older Claret Medallions and Temple Medallions (see forum post here)

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