Patch Notes

62.03.02.HF2 Miniguns

November 30, 2017 (server updates begin at 8 a.m. PST)

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Elin Gunners

The Miniguns content update brings you maximum damage in a compact package with the introduction of the elin gunner.

  • Added new options for character creation:
    • Elin gunner-specific preset
    • New hair
    • Gear preview
  • Increased maximum number of characters per server to 18.
    • Log into TERA between Thursday, November 30 to Friday, December 8 to receive a free character slot
  • Castanic and high elf female gunners cannot use race change vouchers to become elin gunners.
  • Added elin gunner leveling event:
    • Reward boxes at levels 15, 20, 40, 60, and 65.

RK-9 Kennel (Hard)

  • Located in Spring Valley, near the Amadjuak Trading Post
  • 5-person, level 65 dungeon
  • Item level 446 for instance matching (recommended Stormcry gear)
  • Players can enter once per day (two times for elite)
  • Additional rewards on the final boss, depending on what state it is in

Class Adjustments

  • Warrior
    • Traverse Cut
      • Increased Attack Speed for group members now applies to other warriors
        • Does not stack with a lancer's Adrenaline Rush
        • Adrenaline Rush will override the Traverse Cut effect
    • Assault Stance/Defensive Stance
      • Increased cooldown to 60 seconds
      • Stances now share the same cooldown
  • The following toggle skills no longer deactivate when teleporting or loading into a new area.
    • Ninja—Focus
    • Archer—Sniper's Eye
    • Warrior—Assault Stance/Defensive Stance
    • Mystic—Aura of the Merciless/Swift/Unyielding/Tenacious
    • Berserker—Intimidation

Guild Adjustments

  • Increased the guild level cap to 309
  • Updated guild skills:
    • Added Amarun's Energy VI, VII, and VII
    • Added Elinu's Vigor VI, VII, and VII
    • Added Guild Expansion VI, VII, and VII

New Costume Item: Footsteps

  • Adds a travel effect when walking or running.
  • Can be toggled On/Off in Options.

Item Adjustments

  • Tuwangi Reedflute's effect is now self-only.
    • Attack bonus reduced to 1%.
  • Added usage information to enchanting/upgrading materials.
  • Updated select loot box contents and tooltips.
  • Elin Cutie Star Shopping Spree Box can now be opened to retrieve the contents!


  • Adjusted Mailbox options:
    • Sent tab refinements
  • Added limited flight zones in and around Bamarama:
    • The toy tank cannot be used near the arena.
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  • 62.03.02.HF2 Miniguns Nov 30, 2017
  • Previous: 61.03.01 Arsenal October 10, 2017
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