Patch Notes

Patch 63.03

December 14, 2017 (server updates begin at 8 a.m. PST)

What’s New:


Broken Prison

The Broken Prison dungeon is back, with some balance adjustments:

  • Players can Crit normal monsters.
  • We slightly lowered the difficulty of Gorgoth (the first boss).

Thaumetal Refinery (Normal/Hard)

We made a balance adjustment:

  • Players can Crit normal monsters.


We adjusted how a couple of game systems function:

  • We changed the login requirements for the Vanguard Valor buffs from 3/5/7 days to 2/4/6 days.
  • Unbound gear can no longer be upgraded; a system message will appear if you are attempting to upgrade gear that isn't bound to you.
  • We've also updated the Federation Bill and Fashion Coupon shops:
    • Most items for Federation Bills are now available under the tab "Exclusives" in the Fantastic Fashions shop.
    • We have redistributed Items that were in the previous "Weapons" tab in the Fantastic Fashions shop between "Cloth", "Metal", and "Leather" tabs in the appropriate tab for the class that can use that gear set.
    • We added the Starglow Costume loot box, Starglow Weapon Skin loot box, and Volcanic Weapon loot box to the Federation Bill shop (these items will remain in the shop until Tuesday, January 30, 2018).
  • To unblock elite status players from gaining the "Imperfect Crystals" and "Ideal Crystals" achievements, we have changed how we deliver Crystalbinding to those players:
    • We have added (24) Complete Veteran Crystalbinds (3 hour) to the Elite Status Perks skillbar.
    • These will reset everyday like the rest of the skillbar items.
  • We removed Quarter-Day Signs from vendors.

Bug Fixes

  • We lowered the sell price for masterwork alkahest.
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