Patch Notes

Patch 37.07.03.HF1

December 10, 2015 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

What’s New:

Bug Fixes:

  • Restored functionality of Elite Status Vouchers.
  • The teleportal for Kalivan’s Challenge and Kalivan’s Dreadnaught now allows players to teleport into the instance without using Instance Matching.
  • Fixed text in the teleportal for Kalivan’s Dreadnaught.
  • Friendship Token store now contains Forge instead of Jade.
  • Restored missing items in Fashion Coupon Store.
  • Restored Horned Medallion and Shell Medallion stores.
  • Corrected issue with Laurel calculation.
  • Restored Saltyko/Socko/Quacklemore Account-Bound mounts to players’ Account-Bound Item Claim.
  • Removed several unused achievements that were displaying unintentionally.
  • Brawler is now capitalized on the Battleground Stats and Friends screens.
  • Removed Ambrrr and Colbrrr. All quests are automatically given, then turned into the Bellicarium Quartermaster.
  • Wintera Tokens from last year correctly access the Wintera store.
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Known Issues:

  • Jodoc and Mattin dialog boxes display incorrectly.
  • The popup box for resurrection is currently transparent. The button is not transparent and is still functional.
  • Ivorybloom, Ebonybloom, and Brilliant Topper have incorrect gender attributes.
  • No broker categories for gunner and brawler.
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