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Improved Early Play | A Polished Experience | Challenge the Nexus | Extra Power for Every Class
The Economic Powerhouse | Earning Reputation | New and Better Dungeons

Improved Early Play

We've fine-tuned your first sessions in TERA to deliver maximum action and get your journey off to a rapid start.

Tired of games that start you in an out-of-the-way village where the chieftain wants you to collect coconuts in the jungle? TERA's new playable prologue starts you right in the middle of the action: a beachhead under assault by demonic forces. It's not just a cutscene—you'll be fighting big-ass monsters within minutes, learning the controls as you go.

The thrills don't stop when you leave the prologue behind. We've adjusted the storyline quests throughout the first 20 levels to challenge you as they reveal more of TERA's deep lore. The boss monsters in particular got upgrades they can't wait to test out...on you!

Feature at a Glance

  • Playable Prologue: You become part of a beach landing gone awry. Can you save your allies and prevent a military disaster?
  • Badder Bosses: New tactics and deadlier attacks from early-level foes. You'll earn those levels.
  • Quest Variety: Dozens of new quests that take TERA far beyond repetitive "hunt," "gather," and "deliver" tasks, and reveal the world's rich history and cultures.
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A Polished Experience

TERA is a place where you'll spend hundreds of action-packed hours. The least we can do is make it as fun, challenging, and immersive as possible.

A great MMORPG is a place where you'll spend hundreds of hours, and TERA wants to make sure those hours are full of action and achievement, not boredom or frustration. We've tackled a long list of "polish" elements to make TERA as player-friendly as possible.

After all, we want you fighting the argons and clashing with the world's evil gods, not running endlessly over empty terrain.

Feature at a Glance

  • Improved Travel: More nonstop flights! Pegasus flights from town to town no longer fly through a major city. Players summon mounts faster to get to the action.
  • Better Achievements: More achievements to earn, and more rewards (including gear, titles, and mounts) for doing so.
  • Advanced Glyphs: Take your favorite combat skills up several notches.
  • Bug Fixes: A reliable, smooth game experience from install to logout.
  • NPC Voices: More varied voices throughout, including top Hollywood voice actors.
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Challenge the Nexus

Take action against TERA's toughest terrors...with dozens of friends and allies...while the world hangs in the balance. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night!

In remote corners of Northern Shara, something wants to emerge into the world of TERA. Monsters invade through a hole in reality called a nexus, then terrorize the surrounding area. You can join the battle at a moment's notice. Larger and scarier monsters pour out of the nexus as time goes on, but if you fight hard enough, you can close the nexus, keep part of the world safe—and earn a share of high-level loot.

A nexus is the perfect place to go when you want a great action experience but need to be flexible about grouping and time. When you enter a nexus, it all happens automatically: you're put in a group, you're given the relevant quests, and you'll receive your fair share of the rewards. Participate as long as you like. The nexus is a dangerous place, and it's not going to run out of bad guys anytime soon.

Feature at a Glance

  • Staged Invasions: Nexuses amp up the action in three stages, each with its own monsters, quests, and rewards.
  • Public Quests: Step into a nexus, and you automatically receive a quest. Help your fellow players stop the invasion, and the rewards and reputation are yours.
  • Truly Massive Monsters: How massive? Some nexus invaders will take 30 or more players to kill.
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Extra Power for Every Class

Who wants upgrades? Each of TERA's eight classes gets new skills that will almost make you feel sorry for the bad guys. Almost.

Combat is king in an action game like TERA, so we've added abilities that let you protect yourself with living stone, evade attacks while charging forward, aim your sword for the enemy's jugular, and heal your party on the move.

Based on player feedback, we changed the warrior class the most. Warriors now have skills that gradually build an "edge" of power, and then release that power with a devastating attack. The edge gives warriors a unique flow in combat, because they grow more dangerous with each passing second.

But everyone has new toys to play with. Check it out:

Class New Skills
Archer Eagle's Eye, Concussion Trap, Ensnaring Trap, Explosion Trap
Berserker Evasive Smash
Lancer Chained Leash
Mystic Warding Totem
Priest Healing Immersion, Grace of Resurrection
Slayer Measured Slice
Sorcerer Stone Skin
Warrior Scythe

Feature at a Glance

  • New Skills: A dozen new skills that attack, protect, and heal. Many encourage tactical play and enhance movement on the battlefield.
  • Build an Edge: Warriors can accumulate their edge with Poison Blade, Charging Slash, Death From Above, Combative Strike, Backstab, Rain of Blows, Rising Fury, and Blade Draw.
  • Exploit Your Edge: The accumulated edge powers some of a warrior's best skills: Scythe, Battle Cry.
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The Economic Powerhouse

Money makes TERA's world go 'round, and we've made money easier to earn, simpler to track—and more satisfying to spend.

Some call it good business practices. Others call it "economic PvP". But everyone agrees that a bustling economy is at the heart of a great MMO experience. We improved the trade broker system with robust search features so you can find that powerful weapon or rare ingredient with a few clicks of the mouse. We also altered the currency so your high-level characters aren't dealing with billions of gold coins.

One of the biggest "industries" that drives TERA's in-game economy is enchanting, which we've made more player-friendly. The unlucky enchanters of the past could sometimes weaken their weapons and armor, but we've removed that penalty. And when you get a bonus you like, you can lock it into place with a new "resealing" technique.

Feature at a Glance

  • Improved Trade Broker: Buy more, sell more, and amass your fortune even faster. Find exactly what you want without scrolling through screen after screen of irrelevant items.
  • No-Penalty Enchantment: Upgrading your weapons and armor still has an element of chance, but you're never penalized for an enchantment attempt.
  • Resealing your Gear: If you like the random bonus you get on a particular piece of gear, you can reseal it to ensure you never lose that bonus.
  • Removal of Private Stores: The economy runs through the brokers now—a bigger market than any private store could hope to match. And those private stores won't clutter TERA's landscapes anymore.
  • New Denominations: A hundred coppers to the silver, and a hundred silvers to the gold. Old prices convert to the new denominations with one old gold equaling one new copper.
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Earning Reputation

Of course we know you're amazing, but some of TERA's heaviest hitters need convincing. If you prove you've got what it takes, they'll reward you with gear that will make your guild green with envy.

As you explore the world of TERA, you'll develop a reputation that stretches across four continents. Some of the most powerful organizations in the world will send you into the action on their behalf—with the promise of stellar rewards if you succeed.

Over time, you'll improve your reputation with such groups as Invalesco (researchers into argon secrets), Hyderad Legacy (protectors of the natural world near Balder's Refuge), Shariar (commandos taking the fight to the argons), Hands of Velika (a secret coalition of soldiers and merchants), Valsekyr Hunt (a society of big-game hunters) and Agnitor (sages determined to master dimension-warping nexuses).

And we promise: no killing a thousand furbolgs just to go through a tunnel.

Feature at a Glance

  • Daily Quests: More than just deliveries. You'll fire siege weapons, ambush argons, and rescue soldiers trapped behind enemy lines.
  • Hats and Masks: Change your appearance and let everyone know what you've accomplished.
  • New Mounts: Don't just ride. Ride in style.
  • Green Crystals: Upgrade and customize your jewelry to match your combat role.
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New and Better Dungeons

Whether you're earning a dead god's final blessing or desperately defending the human capital, you'll put your action-combat skills to the test in TERA's dungeons. Plus...phat lewt!

A good dungeon run is at the heart of the MMO experience. An action-packed game like TERA should provide exciting battles against clever enemies, but it must do more. Nobody wants to spam the chat channel for hours trying to put a party together, and everyone wants rewards that match the difficulty of the dungeon.

Our new instance dungeon matcher helps you find the right healer, tank, or damage-dealer to round out your party. As for rewards, you'll now see increased drops in all dungeons--up to double and triple the rates you've seen in past betas. Do your part, and you might be the proud owner of a Raiment of Nezrakul, Cauterus Axe, or Skysplitter's Bow.

Best of all, we added new dungeons and redesigned others so there's always some high-octane dungeon action available. Check out this lineup:

Dungeon Level Dungeon Level
Bastion of Lok 20 Labyrinth of Terror 58
Sinestral Manor 26 Labyrinth of Terror (Hard) 60*
Cultists' Refuge 35 Ebon Tower 58
Necromancer Tomb 41 Ebon Tower (Hard) 60*
Sigil Adstringo 45 Kelsaik's Nest 58
Golden Labyrinth 48 Kelsaik's Nest (Hard) 60*
Akasha's Hideout 48 Balder's Temple 60
Akasha's Hideout (Hard) 48* Balder's Temple (Hard) 60*
Ascent of Saravash 48 Fane of Kaprima 60
Saleron's Sky Garden 53 Fane of Kaprima (Hard) 60*
Suryati's Peak 56
* Hard mode is intended for well-equipped characters.

Feature at a Glance

  • New Dungeons: We've added Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, Suryati's Peak, Balder's Temple, and Fane of Kaprima.
  • Instance Dungeon Matcher: Effortlessly build a party for the dungeon of your choice--and get both combat buffs and extra loot for doing so.
  • Improved Drop Rates: Beat one of TERA's bosses, and you'll get more and better loot.
  • Smoother Progression: Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, and Suryati's Peak have been extensively redesigned so players can experience them earlier. More than just a retuning, the redesigned dungeons feature new storylines, new enemies, and new rewards.
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You're almost there: amazing landscapes, blood-pumping action and heart-stopping monsters.
TERA is your world for the taking, if you have the skill to seize it and the tenacity to hold on!

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