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One Year and Counting...

by Scapes

En Masse was established about a year ago, and this being the first anniversary of the company's founding, I had the notion to write a bit about our progress.

To take you back to the beginning, we started off in a temp office in the South Lake...

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Happy Holidays from Brian Knox!

by Scapes

Greetings, future TERA players!

It is that time of year when one looks back and reflects upon all that has happened, and gets a chance to play the many great games that come out for the holidays. For me personally, it has been a hell of a first...

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Discovering TERA-tories by Foot, Hoof, and Flight

by Scapes

MMOs are known for their giant worlds and TERA is no exception.

I often spend time wandering around to discover new areas and occasionally poking around where I shouldn't. Sometimes my discoveries end in death, but that doesn’t deter my...

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Even the Map Tells a Story

by Scapes

No matter where you go, there you are.

I love maps. As a kid, I traveled a lot and I always had a map in front of me. While technology may have moved from National Geographic and AAA TripTiks to Google and Android, there's still something about a...

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