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Season's Greetings, Now Bring on 2012!

by Scapes

The office is decked out in holiday colors, presents adorn every desk, and even at this late hour the En Masse staff is hard at work despite their flights home looming. Our passion for TERA is very apparent around this time of year. Even as we...

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Producer Letter: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, TERA Fans!

As I write this, I'm using our new launcher to log in and patch up to a fully-localized version of the TERA Evolution patch. I created an account, entered game codes and login authorization, patched, and launched TERA....

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TERA Holiday Card Contest 2011

by Scapes

Winter is not only coming, it's already upon us! We've broken out the heavy jackets here in Seattle and it's beginning to look a lot like the seasonal holiday of your preference. With this in mind, we challenge the TERA community to celebrate the...

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Enhance Your Game with Enhancement Crystals

by Scapes

Customization in TERA comes in many shapes—crystal shapes, to be specific. Enhancement crystals play a key role in customizing your character from the very beginning. All weapons and armor in TERA contain between two and four crystal sockets to...

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Make Your Mark with Glyphs

by Scapes

Customization in TERA comes in many forms. At level 20, players in TERA can customize their skills with glyphs. Every glyph increases a skill’s effect; glyphs of Influence and Brilliance help skills cost less MP; glyphs of Energy and Persistence...

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