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Here Be Dracoloths

by Ozma

TERA Here Be Dracoloths Event

Big, bad monsters are hiding in the world of TERA, and we need you to destroy them!

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A New Year for TERA

by Ozma

TERA Community Letter--A New Year for TERA

Dear Community,

We are fast approaching the end of December, and what an exciting year it’s been for TERA!

This letter from Minea talks about a new instance, 3v3 battlegrounds, and how TERA is looking forward to 2013.

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Game Guides? Yes, Please!

by Ozma

TERA Factions The Agnitor

We’ve got two new game guides to help you get in good with two more factions: The Valsekyr Hunt and the Agnitor. Learn how to get those reputation points up!

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Buy a TERA Box, Get an Epic Mount

by Ozma

TERA Tawny Huntress Pack Box

You can gain epic mounts—tradable, stackable epic mounts, that is—by buying a physical TERA box and entering the authorization code backward!

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Roll Your Foes: Winning in Fraywind Canyon

by Ozma

TERA Fraywind Canyon

Victory in Fraywind Canyon is a matter of points: points for kills, points for captures, points for BAMs. Learn how it all works and how to gear up for PvP in our new battlegrounds game guides!

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