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TERA's Third eBook "Fire and Ice" Published

by Pwnyx

Fire & IceWe have published our third eBook set in the world of TERA! These short stories expand on the game's rich lore and are available on for $0.99 each. The third installment is titled Fire and Ice written by En Masse Entertainment Writer R. K. MacPherson and can be picked up today.

Jelena is a fiery castanic warrior known for being a loner. While guarding a pass near the frontlines of the war, she comes to the rescue of Elleon, a high elf under attack by argons. Realizing he will need help, Elleon orders Jelena to accompany him to complete his original mission, despite the fact that she prefers to work alone.

Want a taste of the action? Check out an except from Fire and Ice .

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Calling All MMO-FOs Contest

by Scapes

Thumb Mmofo

Finally a contest worthy of the MMO-FO stamp, the movement's seal of approval! Show the world that you are the biggest, baddest MMO-FO! Capture a moment of true action combat as you display well-timed attacks, agile dodges, or rugged blocks, stamp that screenshot with MMO-FO ink, and then send it to us for a chance to earn the uniform of our movement: the MMO-FO shirt featured in our videos!

New to the MMO-FO movement? Learn more at!

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TERA's Second eBook "Killer" Published

by Scapes


We have published our second e-book set in the world of TERA! These short stories expand on the game's rich lore and are available on for $0.99 each. The second installment is titled Killer written by En Masse Entertainment Writer Jessie McKenna and can be picked up today. This tale introduces Moorg, a kulkari scorned by his tribe, as he meets and befriends Lakhia, a human child. Moorg soon has to decide where his loyalties lie when Lakhia's family ranch is marked for destruction by his murderous kin, for to be a hero to Lakhia means being a traitor to his own kind.

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Closed Beta Test 4

by Scapes

Closed Beta Test 4

TERA's fourth closed beta test starts this Friday! Before we tell you what's new, we want to let you know that we'll begin deploying a new patch for TERA on March 21 at 3:00 PM PDT for about two hours. During this time you won't be able to patch. This isn't a long-term solution, and we're working on a more seamless experience for future patches. Once we verify the patch was successful, we'll open it back up so you can download the 9 MB update.

As a result of the feedback we've received during previous tests, we've made significant changes for Closed Beta Test 4. Most importantly, we have increased the difficulty between levels 1 and 15 by decreasing the player's hit points. We hope this will create more challenging and interesting gameplay. Those hit points will gradually be added back in as the player levels from 16 to 20. Also, in the heat of PvP, it can be difficult to see your opponent's level. To simplify this, we've made it possible to see the level of another player by aiming your crosshair at them. We've also doubled the character limit for all chat channels, making it easier to communicate with other players. For complete details, please see our patch notes.

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Closed Beta Test 3 Recap

Pax East Blog Thumb

We're burning through time as we get closer to launch. It's hard to believe we just wrapped up our third closed beta test (CBT3), which was a ton of fun with more players than ever, and we're just days away from our fourth (CBT4)! It won't be much longer before our early character creation, open beta, and launch! There's electricity in the air in the office, and everyone is more energized than we've ever seen as we push toward the finish line.

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