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Lights, Camera, Factions!

by Ozma

TERA Factions

Have you run across TERA’s factions yet? Whether or not you’ve had the pleasure, our faction game guides will help you figure out who these people are and what they’re trying to do in the world of TERA—not to mention what they mean for the players.

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Stats Roundup: Fraywind Canyon Battleground

by Ozma

TERA Battleground Data

Check out these stats gathered from battleground data, complete with a heat map of death! Where do slayers rank compared to archers? Which class ranks highest when you compare kills, deaths, and points earned? Do healers still earn points, even though they have fewer kills? (Spoilers: yes!) Check out the stats for yourself.

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Build Communities with Friends Old and New

by Ozma

TERA Instance Gratification

We’re increasing drop rates and giving you more opportunities to run your favorite dungeons for the next two weekends. What better way to enjoy TERA than by making friends and earning even more badass gear?

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Ramping Up for a Fall to Remember

TERA PD Letter Fall 2012

The weeks since the Argon Queen update have been especially jam-packed: everything from Bluehole Studio visits and weeklong meetings to in-game content plans, events, and more. In time-honored producer tradition, I always allude to these busy plans but never reveal what we’re working on. Let me go against that tradition this time and just tell you what we’re working on.

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