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Patch 28.05

Patch 28.05

August 19, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Blast from the Past System

  • Added Blast from the Past to instance matching where level 60 players can replay older dungeons with lower level players.
  • Blast from the Past will match level 60 players randomly to one of these dungeons:
    • Bastion of Lok
    • Sinestral Manor
    • Cultists' Refuge
    • Necromancer Tomb
    • Golden Labyrinth
    • Akasha's Hideout
    • Saleron's Sky Garden
  • Blast from the Past players will be first matched with lower level players.
    • When there are no low level players queuing for the dungeons, it is possible for level 60 players to be matched together.
    • Player cannot see which dungeons are available for Blast from the Past until queued.
    • Level 60 players will not adversely impact low level players’ XP.
    • "Find additional party member" accepts the first player queued for the dungeon regardless level or class.
  • Elite players can complete six Blast from the Past dungeons per day. Non-elite players can complete three per day.
  • Blast from the Past is an equalized system.
    • All Blast from the Past equalized gear has the same name, but equalized gear will be leveled to the particular dungeon entered.
    • Players will only receive equalized gear in slots they have gear equipped.
    • When leaving the dungeon for resurrection or other reasons, player’s normal gear will be equipped and displayed.
    • Level 60 crystals will remain equipped.
    • Players' HP and MP will also adjust while in a Blast from the Past dungeon.
    • Players will retain their level 60 skills and glyphs.
  • Instance reset scrolls acquired from this system are not tradable.
  • While in this system, warriors cannot use the Smoke Aggressor skill.
  • While in this system, mystics can't use any thralls.
  • Players will earn Time Traveler badges for completing Blast from the Past dungeons.
    • Time Traveler badges are delivered via parcel.
    • Players that quit the dungeon before completion do not receive Time Traveler badges.
    • Right-click on the badge to bring up the badge store UI.
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Gathering and Crafting

  • Improved drop rate of Titan's Ember and Titan's Ease from various boxes.
  • Tripled the drop rate of unsteel weapon fragments from herpic treasure boxes.
  • Increased the crit chance for Master Additive.
  • Increased drop rates of rank III etching designs.
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  • Corsairs’ Stronghold
    • Inner Siege Tanks
      • Siege tank on 2nd floor of inner wall can no longer come down to 1st floor and block the inner wall gate.
      • Removed columns next to inner gate making it easier for tanks on ramps to attack enemies at the gate.
      • Added two siege cannons to inner castle. These cannons are accessible by both teams.
    • Inner Castle Airship added for the defending team.
      • Stairs to the airship are on the south second floor.
      • A sign post points the way to the airship platform.
      • Previous airships are still only accessible to the attacking team.
    • Da Bomb added allows a player to self-detonate.
      • Players with You Da Bomb effect will have a self-destruct skill called Set Us Up, Da Bomb.
        • Set Us Up, Da Bomb does 50,000 area of effect damage in a 5m radius.
        • 5m radius circle will be displayed to show the damage radius.
        • When attacked by Da Bomb, 'Ringing Explosion' debuff will prevent attacked PC from recovering HP for 5 seconds.
      • The player has one minute to use the self-destruct or will die.
      • The player with the bomb has 50,000 HP, is immune to stun effects, and has a movement speed of 240, but cannot ride a mount.
      • Three Da Bombs are located at each capture point and the defense team's start.
      • Players killed by an enemy will not explode.
      • Only one player can gather da bomb and receives the You Da Bomb effect.
      • Once gathered, 'You Da Bomb' abnormality is acquired, Bomb VII is added to inventory.
        • If inventory is full, Bomb VII will drop to the floor.
        • While a player is gathering a bomb, other players cannot gather the same bomb.
      • Bombs respawn after one minute.
    • Removed underground passage.
    • Teams can gain additional time for Corsairs’ Stronghold
      • Teams start with seven minutes.
      • Add two minutes for destroying one outer gate. (No bonus for more gates.)
      • Add three minutes for capturing the middle pyre. (No bonus for additional captures.)
      • Add three minutes for destroying the inner gate.
      • The second team has the same ability to earn time.
      • The second round will show the time the first round took as well as the current time earned.
      • When the second round attacking team does more damage to Anchorstone, the BG ends right away.
      • When changing leaders, Location Scan skill cooldown time greater than 30 seconds will transfer to the new leader.
      • If the cooldown time was under 30 seconds, the new leader will have a 30 second cooldown.
    • Added achievements for using Set Us Up, Da Bomb:
      • Bombastic
        • 5 Kills
        • Achievement Point: 10
      • Bomb Blast
        • 10 Kills
        • Achievement Point: 10
      • Bomb Squad
        • 50 Kills
        • Achievement Point: 10
      • Bombing Run
        • 100 Kills
        • Achievement Point: 20
        • Title: Bomber
      • Bomb Factory
        • 200 Kills
        • Achievement Point: 30
        • Title: Bombshell
        • World announcement goes out
    • Added achievements for obtaining top ranking in the Stronghold
      • Stronghold First
        • 1st time
        • Achievement Point: 10
      • Stronghold Uncommonality
        • 10 times
        • Achievement Point: 20
      • Stronghold Rarity
        • 25 times
        • Achievement Point: 30
        • Title: Scallywag
        • Province announcement goes out
      • Stronghold Superior
        • 50 times
        • Achievement Point: 40
        • Title: Scourge of the Sea
        • Province announcement goes out
      • Stronghold Legend
        • 100 times
        • Achievement Point: 50
        • Title: Admiral of the Black
        • World announcement goes out
      • Corsairs’ Stronghold pre-made match is added.
        • 20-person raid must be formed first.
        • Players’ entry conditions and equalized gears are same as Corsairs’ Stronghold.
        • Raid party does not have restrictions in class combination.
    • Fraywind Canyon
      • Equalized Fraywind Canyon is back.
      • Adjusted gear for equalized Fraywind Canyon
        • Equipment stats are now comparable to Advantaged gear.
        • Equipment bonuses:
          • Added 4 percent to weapon attack speed.
          • Added 2 percent attack speed to gloves.
          • Increased crit rate by 3 added to gloves.
          • Otherwise matches Skyring equalized gear.
        • Accessories match Skyring equalized accessories.
        • Inner wear, brooch, and belt match equalized gear from Corsairs’ Stronghold.
      • Changed reputation credit reward to match Corsairs’ Stronghold.
      • Increased the reward for Fraywind dailies to 600 reputation credits.
      • Increased the reward for normal Fraywind Canyon to 450 Bellicarium and Killing Spree credits for a win and 200 of each for a loss.
    • Champions’ Skyring added 2 percent attack speed to gloves to equalized gear.
    • Battleground Refinement
      • Raid leader
        • System message displays when a player becomes the raid leader.
        • Raid leaders can drop number markers onto the map.
          • Players will see a blue square when the number matches their party number
          • Players will see a green diamond for other parties.
        • Raid leader’s name is now displayed as orange text.
        • Raid leaders can chat ban up to 5 raiders in a BG.
          • Chat ban has a 30 second cooldown.
          • Chat ban UI does not display if the raid has less than 6 people.
          • Chat ban cooldown remains even when raid leader changed.
          • Banned PC's chat window will display his/her chat, but will not be displayed to other players.
          • No notice will be given for chat ban, and only the raid leader knows who's been banned.
          • Ban will not affect other chats such as alliance & whisper.
      • While in a raid, the party number of a player will display below the HP/MP status bar.
      • Player’s name is now displayed in blue in the raid window.
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  • Balder’s Temple
    • Increased access to Balder's Temple: Now players can enter three times per day. Elite status players can enter six times per day.
    • Reduced the gold rewards from boss monsters.
    • Reduced the drop rate of tier 14 fodder.
    • Reduced the drop rate of Goldfinger tokens.
  • Increased drop rate of airborne shell from Rift's Edge (Hard).
  • Increased drop rate of Devastator and Patron BoE gear in Wounded World dungeons.
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  • Quest and Map UI refinement
    • Quest log now displays status markers.
    • Players can now use the action button (F) to interact with quest NPCs
    • Refined the quest tracker UI.
      • Player can now track up to 20 quests in the quest tracker.
      • Quests are sorted by priority as Story quests, Special guide quests, and Normal quests.
      • Quest tracker now enables location tracking.
      • Quest location tracking displays on world maps and mini-maps.
    • NPCs who are part of an escort quest will display the name of the player who triggered the quest.
    • Clicking the number on the quest tracker will cause the location tracker to display.
  • Rearranged the order of battlegrounds in the matching system UI.
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  • Camera
    • Added option for camera maximum range limit.
    • Reduced default camera distance.
    • Reduced the camera height for amans and barakas so their feet will display at default zoom.
  • Added a fixed passive effect to Advantaged weapon set.
    • Tanks and damage dealers have increased PvP attack when attacking from behind.
    • Healing classes have increased PvP defense when attacked from behind.
  • Once put in a trade window, items can no longer be removed; the trade must be canceled.
  • New fashions are added to the Fashion store.
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Bug Fixes

  • Take Flight and Fashion Icon achievements no longer reset progress after server restart.
  • Ornamental Cuirass costume now properly uses upswept hairdo option.
  • Hammerstrike effect removed from reaper equalized scythes.
  • Minimap no longer resets if placed in certain areas of the screen.
  • Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow no longer allow player-created chains.
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