Patch 28.05.03

Patch 28.05.03 EN7

December 9, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Elite Status

  • Added Elite Status Permanent Buffs
    • 100% XP boost
    • 100% reputation boost
    • 100% quest gold reward
  • Updated Elite Status Bar
    • Removed XP boost
    • Removed reputation boost
    • Removed quest gold reward boost
    • Increased gold hunter boost from 6 per day to 12 per day
    • Added Elite Consumable Box, which contains:
      • Crafter’s cure
      • Canephora potion
      • Bravery potion
      • Instance reset scroll
  • Introducing inaugural pricing for elite subscription.
  • For more details, please visit the Elite Status news post.
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  • Rootstock and Pond Faire festivals have concluded.
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Bug Fixes

  • Asian Silk Dress smart box and Dyeable Asian Silk Dress smart box are now tradeable.
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