TERA Patch Notes 19.04.04

Patch 19.04.04

April 2, 2013 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Battleground Changes | Miscellaneous Changes | Bugs Squashed | Known Issues

Battleground Changes

  • For now, we’re replacing the Fraywind Canyon (15-person raid) with a new battleground type, Fraywind Canyon (equalized). We promise no math will be involved.
    • See our equalized battleground news post for more details.
    • Players can still queue alone or in parties to the regular Fraywind Canyon battleground.
    • The Equalized Fraywind Canyon will be Solo Queue only.
  • Killing Spree credit caps now reset on Tuesday morning instead of Saturday morning. That should free up some weekend time for cartoons.
  • Battleground matching and instance matching for players on the Valley of Titans server now group with Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley servers.

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Miscellaneous Changes

  • Clearing Manaya’s Core (normal or hard) now triggers the “End of the Argon War” cutscene. Break out the popcorn!
  • Characters with premium items can now be deleted.
    • Characters with premium items under level 40 will receive a pop-up warning before being instantly deleted.
    • Characters with premium items level 40 and over will not receive a warning and will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Restrictions to server transfers have changed.
    • Characters must be a minimum of level 40.
    • A maximum of 20,000 gold can be transferred with a character.
  • Non-story quest items can now be destroyed. You will receive a pop-up warning if you are about to discard a quest item.
  • Level 1 skills are now available from skill trainers.
  • Changed the TERA: Rising splash page image.
  • New reward, Supply Crate #5, added to the quest “Making the Rounds.”
    • This supply crate contains supplies and an additional crate for level 9.
    • Supply crates always contain useful items. They contain higher-level supply crates and some contain a weapon crate as well.
    • The boxes-within-boxes recursion continues until level 45. It might be boxes all the way down.

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Bugs Squashed

  • The Rookie’s Crystal Lock buff will now only be consumed if it prevents a crystal from breaking.
  • Snowdrift mount now has proper sound effects.
  • The achievement “Can’t Control the Power” is now properly awarded when a player uses the Murderous Intent skill.
  • Elite mount icons placed on the skill bar no longer summon the previous elite mount.
  • Global and RP chat channels are now placed under “Chat Channels” and not “System Information” in Chat Tab Options.
  • The game now displays the correct tooltip text on items when enchanting fails. Enchanting never did affect your HP, only your mental health.
  • Item preview is now gender specific.
  • Fixed typos in some quests.
  • Fixed quests to state correct turn-in NPCs.

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Known Issues

  • “Server First” achievement messages aren’t displaying correctly. You’ll have to message “FIRST!” yourself.
  • When the jeweled lion elite status mount is dragged to the shortcut tray the icon doesn’t display in the tray. The skill will function from the shortcuts.

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