TERA Patch 22.04.02

Patch 22.04.02

September 17, 2013 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. Pacific)

New Stuff | Miscellaneous Changes | Bugs Squashed | Known Issues

New Stuff

  • The Festival of the Sun and Beach Party events are in full swing. See our news post on September 17 for full details.
  • Enchantment adjusters have been mailed to everyone eligible. Please consult this FAQ for more details.
  • Characters are now introduced to Killing Spree at Level 30, at which time they can start earning reputation.

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Miscellaneous Changes

  • Major Milestone has returned.
  • New dungeon quests now have more details on how to enter.
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Bugs Squashed

  • Players can no longer buy Manual: Outlaw Declaration on PvE servers.
  • Players can now search for school uniform loot boxes on the broker.
  • Clicking on Available Quests from the Mission Board no longer crashes the game client.
  • Corrected archer skill tooltips for Sniper’s Eye and Eagle’s Eye.
  • Teleportal at the end of Wonderholme is now fixed.
  • Corrected some typos.
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Known Issues

  • Kezzel can glitch into a wall in Kezzel’s Gorge at times. It’s best not to try and pin the giant against the wall.
  • Some new T14 boots with MP restoration bonus will incorrectly display as HP restoration when converted to masterwork.
  • In addition, some new T14 gloves with an HP restoration bonus incorrectly display as MP restoration while not masterworked. These gloves correctly display HP restoration once masterworked.
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