Patch 31.04.05 EN8

Patch 31.04.05 EN8

June 9, 2015 (server updates begin at 6 a.m. PDT)


  • Ravenous Gorge
    • Doubled drop rate of Nimistrix plume.
    • Nimistrix plume is now a guaranteed drop.
  • Bathysmal Rise (Hard)
    • Mephisis
      • Added Tier 6 feedstock, Empyrspade, and Empyrplate to the loot table.
    • Fulminar
      • Doubled drop rate of cleansing brooch.
      • Increased drop rate of Tier 6 feedstock by 50 percent.
      • Increased amount of Tier 6 feedstock dropped to 50.
      • Added additional crystal boxes and Tantibus scales.
      • Increased amount of Titan’s Ember and Titan’s Ease dropped by 50 percent.
      • Added Discovery chest pieces.
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    • Putrion
      • Added Tier 6 feedstock drops.
      • Tripled drop rate of Empyrspade shards and Empyrplate fragments.
    • Perimos
      • Increased amount of Tier 6 feedstock dropped to 30.
      • Tripled drop rate of Noctenium infusions.
    • Darkan
      • Tripled drop rate of generation belt.
      • Doubled both drop rate and amounts of Tier 6 feedstock.
      • Doubled the drop rates for Timeworn items, Titan’s Ember, and Titan’s Ease.
      • Increased the drop rates for Discovery gear and all designs tenfold.
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