A New Year for TERA

by Ozma

TERA Community Letter--A New Year for TERA

Dear Community,

We are fast approaching the end of December, and what an exciting year it’s been for TERA! Who could forget the rush during the beta tests and the sleepless nights through our launch? In late August, the arrival of the Argon Queen brought the Fraywind Canyon battleground, new skills, several instances, and the Nexus Traverse. We’ve also worked on various improvements based on our community’s feedback, such as enchanting and battleground tweaks, not to mention the fun we’ve had in the seasonal activities and community events. My personal favorites so far have been announcing the Halloween costume contest winners in Pora Elinu and playing hide-and-seek with you guys in Cutthroat Harbor. Of course, watching the Canyon Clash matches with everyone in the office holding their breath at each crucial moment was another highlight!

While all these community events have zoomed by, we are excited to shareTERA’s upcoming content for the next few months. First, we have the Crucible of Flame, which will offer better rewards based on the difficulty you select and your efficiency in clearing the dungeon. For our PvP fanatics, Champions’ Skyring, the new three-on-three battleground, will be coming. Consumable item use is not allowed in this elite battleground and the best players will go against each other using the Elo rating system.

In addition to the Crucible of Flame and Champion’s Skyring, two new reputation factions will vie for your attention, and there will be meaningful tweaks to existing systems—more specifically, crafting and gathering will be streamlined and simplified a bit by decreasing the amount and number of different ingredients needed to craft among other changes. Naturally, we’re also planning smaller changes such as class-related tweaks. TERA is a living MMO that continually improves, after all. We anticipate that you’ll be playing these new features and content early next year, and we will share more detailed information in the next few weeks as we finalize them.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our community for your feedback, passion and support for TERA this year. We look forward to sharing another exciting year with you! Happy holidays!


Catherine ‘Minea’ Park

P.S.: The little santas from Santa’s Slay have sent a small bonus gift for the holidays! Entering the code [slaysanta] before 11:59 p.m. PST on January 2, 2013 will deliver a box of tiny treasure and fat loot for you in Item Claim!


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