Announcing Michael Hogan and Claudia Black in TERA

by Scapes

For more than two years, the TERA community has speculated on which voice actors and actresses would bring their talents to the game. We saw some awesome suggestions and more than a few outrageous ones too. If the title didn't already give it away, you'll be pleased to learn that Michael Hogan and Claudia Black are both in our roster of voiceover talent!

Michael Hogan is perhaps best known for his role as cantankerous Colonel Saul Tigh in the re-imagined series Battlestar Galactica. While he might have been a "frakkin' cylon" then, he will lend his voice to the Valkyon Federation's human Commander Samael in TERA, a pivotal character in the game's storyline–just ask your fellow community members playing in our closed beta tests. Michael also narrates some of TERA's cutscenes including one that's part of our new prologue zone outlined in Producer Chris Hager's Closed Beta Test 4 recap.

Check out Michael in action as he records the voice track for Samael in the video below.

Claudia Black has portrayed both the radiant Aeryn Sun in Farscape and mischievous Vala Mal Doran in Stargate SG-1, roles that earned her a Saturn Award for Best Actress and two Constellation Awards for Best Female Performance, respectively. She is also known for her voice acting roles in Uncharted and Dragon Age. Claudia will be adding a new fantasy race to her repertoire by voicing the high elf Fraya, Commander of Allemantheia, who comes to the aid of the Valkyon Federation in a moment of dire need.

We'll reveal more of TERA's voice actors and actresses later this month!


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