Announcing the Closed Beta Test Contest Winners!

by Scapes

Be Creative, Be Smart, Be Lucky!

The final results of the Be Creative, Be Smart, Be Lucky contest series are in! TERA fans were challenged to be creative, be smart, or be lucky in one of three contest series being held during our closed beta tests. Participants captured footage, designed infographics, cut videos, or simply played their characters to the level cap for a chance to score prizes from Logitech and En Masse Entertainment. Our Calling All MMO-FOs contest series also invited players to capture a screenshot that embodied the essence of the MMO-FO movement.

Be Creative!

Closed Beta Test 3: Produce an instructional video on how to play your preferred class.

  • First Place: Arvalo - Berserker

  • Second Place: trentonc - Warrior

  • Third Place: xtopolis - Lancer

Closed Beta Test 4: Create a dungeon walkthrough video of one of TERA's dungeons such as Bastion of Lok or Sinestral Manor.

  • First Place: Moonboy - Cultists' Refuge

  • Second Place: Miryu - Cultists' Refuge

  • Third Place: Grakulen1 - Sinestral Manor

Closed Beta Test 5: Answer the question "what is TERA?" through a narrative machinima video.

  • First Place: QualityDiscourse - "A Whole New Game"

  • Second Place: Collective - "Can No Longer Wait"

  • Third Place: Duelz - "Boom De Yada"

Be Smart!

Closed Beta Test 3: Design infographic images based on the raw data about characters and guilds made during Closed Beta Test 3. Click the thumbnails for the full image.

  • First Place: Copeland


  • Second Place: DeathFromAbove

Death From Above

  • Third Place: Phurreal


Closed Beta Test 4: Design infographic images based on the raw data about monsters during Closed Beta Test 4. Click the thumbnails for the full image.

  • First Place: Asha


  • Second Place: Copeland


  • Third Place: Muzein


Closed Beta Test 5: Design infographic images based on the raw data about TERA's economy during Closed Beta Test 5. Click the thumbnails for the full image.

  • First Place: Sakurawishi


  • Second Place: Copeland


  • Third Place: Asha


Be Lucky!

Closed Beta Test 3: Rely on your skill at TERA by playing your character all the way to the maximum level of Closed Beta Test 3.

  • Winner: Klone (Jagged Coast)
  • Winner: Woe (Valley of Titans)
  • Winner: Zorn (Serpentis Isle)

Closed Beta Test 4:

  • Winner: Crimson.Tide (Jagged Coast)
  • Winner: Snuffey (Valley of Titans)
  • Winner: Tisil (Jagged Coast)

Closed Beta Test 5: 

  • Winner: Erynia (Jagged Coast)
  • Winner: Kish (Serpentis Isle)
  • Winner: Rogash (Valley of Titans)


Calling All MMO-FOs!

Back in March, we asked you to capture a moment of true action combat that showed your MMO-FOness, stamp your screenshot with MMO-FO ink, and then send it to us for our Calling All MMO-FOs contest. Throughout Closed Beta Test 4 and Closed Beta Test 5, we kept all the contest entrants locked in a warehouse where they could fight for supremacy. Well, the final throat punches have been thrown. The final dirty kicks have landed. Only the biggest, baddest MMO-FOs survived and earned an MMO-FO shirt with which to mop the blood from their sweaty brows.

Closed Beta Test 4

  • MMO-FO: Kalduin


  • MMO-FO: RELAXcowboy


  • MMO-FO: Seriphen68


  • MMO-FO: Ubat


  • MMO-FO: Varacolaci


Closed Beta Test 5

  • MMO-FO: Dark8812


  • MMO-FO: Halona


  • MMO-FO: Khrone


  • MMO-FO: Malkuno


  • MMO-FO: Tentaclemonstar


Wear your shirts with pride as you walk the back alleys of Castanica at midnight, looking for trouble. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated!


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