Are YOU an MMO-FO?

by Scapes

Do you miss challenging gameplay? Skill-based gameplay? Rewarding gameplay? Are you longing to get excited about an MMO again? Louder—we can’t hear you! You should be shouting at your monitor, “Hell, yes!”

Welcome to the MMO-FO movement. We reject boring, easy-mode, childish MMORPGs. We hate no-skill tab targeting, repetitive attack rotations, and mindless grinding. We want a game that requires player skill, a game that rewards mastery, and a game that actually challenges us. That game is TERA.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of this innovative game, En Masse Entertainment is debuting a new series of videos throughout the closed beta period. This video series, starring mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten, brings the concept of action combat to life as only Bas can. To get you started on the road to being an MMO-FO, watch our first video right here:

Think you're already an MMO-FO? Believe that you don't just play hard mode, you ARE hard mode? Answer our questions on the MMO-FO Facebook page and we'll see how you size up.


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