Balancing the Queue

Balancing the Queue

Queues. Bleh. No one wants to log into their favorite MMO only to be greeted by that ominous pop-up message telling you the length of the line you have to wait in before you even get to play. Because PvP is so popular in TERA, all three of our PvP servers experienced queues of varying times at launch. The Valley of Titans server became extremely popular with the PvP crowd—so much so that everyone wanted to be on it. This word of mouth generated a ton of interest in playing on that server, which resulted in long queue times.

Normally, the first thought when you have too many people on a server is to simply open additional servers. The problem is that players and guilds are already entrenched, having invested time and resources on server A, so opening server B doesn't help existing users. To address both server crowding and player aversion to starting over, we added a new PvP server, Feral Valley, on April 29, and opened character transfers on April 30.

We already have a large and growing population of players (both old and new) on Feral Valley, and populations are leveling out across the remaining PvP servers. There are still queues on the more popular servers, but overall, queue sizes are now half of what they were previously. More importantly, you now have a choice. You can stay where you are and ride out the queue-storm, or switch to Feral Valley now, knowing that you can switch back to Valley of Titans once the queues die down so you can play TERA with your friends.

We are still monitoring and optimizing server populations, which is why you'll notice we may limit new character creation or character transfers from time to time. Fear not! These are always temporary measures that we use to even out populations and ensure the health of all of our servers.


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