Black Friday Bargains Abound in TERA

by Ozma

TERA Patch 18.10.07

Black Friday deals are spawning in TERA! From November 23 to 27, we’re offering best-in-slot bargains on everything from mounts to costumes to the game itself. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • We’re adding new items to the store on Black Friday: Sleipnir, the fastest steed in TERA’s frozen wastes, and an assortment of gym bags full of goodies such as crystals, alkahest, and female athletic uniforms.
  • The TERA Digital Edition (with quick-start pack) will be 25 percent off throughout the sale. If you’ve got friends ready to take the plunge into true action combat, nothing says “We should totally level up together” (or “I’m looking forward to ganking you”) like TERA for a friend.
  • All items are tradable, so you can get all your in-game gifts out of the way, too!
  • If you spend $20 or more (before tax) during the sale, we’ll send you a free glitzy mask accessory. It’ll arrive by 11:59 p.m. PST on November 30, so you can wear it all December—and beyond!
  • During each of the first four days of the sale, we’ll put one category of items on sale: weapon skins, mounts, costumes, or accessories. But the tuwangis in charge of the store are still arguing about which category to feature first, so you’ll have to check the En Masse store each day to determine what’s on sale.
  • We did convince the tuwangis of one thing, though. On the fifth and final day of the sale, a Facebook poll will determine which item category (weapon skins, mounts, costumes, or accessories) goes on sale. It’s your second chance for big savings!

Sure, you could get up at midnight and stagger to the mall to wait in line…or you can step over to your computer, check out the En Masse store, and get back to sleep (or log in and play TERA!).


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