Build Communities with Friends Old and New

by Ozma

TERA Instance Gratification

Instance Gratification

Log in to your new TERA home (the Mount Tyrannas server for PvP or the Tempest Reach server for PvE) during September weekends, group up, and grab some great gear! (And yes, players on the Celestial Hills RP server can participate too!)

See for yourself how things have improved. Group up with old guildies and new friends, then tackle some of TERA’s toughest bosses in the game’s many instances.

Our goal for the next two weekends is to build communities with old and new friends and to experience TERA’s awesome instance content. For levels 1–59, group up and get 50 percent more loot than before! For everyone (especially you level 60s), every day you log in, you’ll get a veteran instance reset scroll, so you can experience more of TERA’s top-level dungeons with guildies and friends.

To get a scroll, log in once per day from 12:01 a.m. PDT Friday through noon Monday. The timer resets at midnight each day. Drop rates increase from noon Friday to noon Monday. Both benefits are active for two weekends: September 21–24 and September 28–October 1.


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