Calling All MMO-FOs Contest

by Scapes

Calling all MMO-FOs!

Finally a contest worthy of the MMO-FO stamp, the movement's seal of approval! Show the world that you are the biggest, baddest MMO-FO! Capture a moment of true action combat as you display well-timed attacks, agile dodges, or rugged blocks, stamp that screenshot with MMO-FO ink, and then send it to us for a chance to earn the uniform of our movement: the MMO-FO shirt featured in our videos! (New to the MMO-FO movement? Learn more at!)

The MMO-FO Stamp: The Movement's Seal of Approval

Step up and show us how YOU take control and take action! BOOM!


  • During TERA's Closed Beta Test 4 or Closed Beta Test 5, take a screenshot worthy of the MMO-FO stamp—dodging BAMs, taking out a crowd, and so on.
    • Looking for a protip? Read our Creative Services Team's post featuring pointers on how to take screenshots in TERA!
    • You may use a screenshot captured during a previous TERA Closed Beta Test.
  • Put the MMO-FO stamp on the screenshot using your favorite photo manipulation software.
    • Screenshots captured in TERA can be found in the following directory: ...\TERA\Client\S1Game\Screenshots\
  • Email us your MMO-FO approved screenshot as a URL or attachment (under 5MB please) for appraisal.
  • Only one entry per player, please!


  • The Calling All MMO-FOs contest will be judged by the Creative Services Team, Community Team, and other En Masse Entertainment staff.
  • Five entries will be selected as winners and the MMO-FOs who captured them will each win a MMO-FO shirt—the same style worn by Bas Rutten in the MMO-FO videos!
  • Winners will be contacted via email after the contest results are announced.


  • This contest will be held for both Closed Beta Test 4 and Closed Beta Test 5. Both contests end at 11:59 PM Pacific time. Specific deadlines follow.
    • Closed Beta Test 4: Wednesday, March 28
    • Closed Beta Test 5: Wednesday, April 11
  • The results will be published on the official TERA website about a week after each contest ends.

Make us proud, MMO-FOs!


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