Cars, Bears, and Robots Legacy Sale!

by Halrath

TERA True Love Story Contest!

TERA is retiring some items this summer and we’re giving them a proper send-off with a sale!

From 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, June 15 to 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 20, we’re offering big discounts on some ground mounts—and we’re bringing back the classic EX-TRM robot mount, just for the occasion! This is your last chance to grab one for yourself!

You can buy these legacy ground mounts one last time at 75 percent off the original price!

  • Classic Racer (permanent character mount)—497 EMP
  • Classic Cruiser (permanent character mount)—497 EMP
  • Classic Charger (permanent character mount)—497 EMP
  • Ni Hao (permanent account mount)—623 EMP
  • Grizzle (permanent account mount)—623 EMP
  • Ice (permanent account mount)—623 EMP
  • EX-TRM Bot (permanent account mount—623 EMP

If you’re more of a gambler, we’ve also got loot boxes on sale at 66 percent off!

  • Super Racer loot box—50 EMP
  • Super Cruiser loot box—50 EMP
  • Super Charger loot box—50 EMP
  • Panda Superbox—168 EMP
  • Grizzly Superbox—168 EMP
  • Polar Superbox—168 EMP

Once the sale ends, these items will be retired from the store, so fill out your collection while you have the chance!


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