CBT4 Contest Results: Calling All MMO-FOs!

by Scapes

CBT4 Contest Results: Calling All MMO-FOs!

Back in March, we asked you to capture a moment of true action combat that showed your MMO-FOness, stamp your screenshot with MMO-FO ink, and then send it to us for our Calling All MMO-FOs contest. Throughout Closed Beta Test 4, we kept all the contest entrants locked in a warehouse where they could fight for supremacy. Well, the final throat punches have been thrown. The final dirty kicks have landed. Only the five biggest, baddest MMO-FOs survived and earned an MMO-FO shirt with which to mop the blood from their sweaty brows.

  • MMO-FO: Kalduin


  • MMO-FO: RELAXcowboy


  • MMO-FO: Seriphen68


  • MMO-FO: Ubat


  • MMO-FO: Varacolaci


Wear your shirts with pride as you walk the back alleys of Castanica at midnight, looking for trouble. Congratulations to the winners (who we'll be contacting next week) and a big thank you to everyone who participated! Interested in future contests? There's still time to enter our Closed Beta Test 5 competitions and we're also holding another Calling All MMO-FOs contest!


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