Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in TERA: Rising

by Ozma

TERA St. Patrick's Day 2013

Spring brings flowers, gorgeous weather, and brutal bosses with fat purses! We’re celebrating our good fortune with a long weekend of events in TERA, and you can get in on the fun. And because it's St. Patrick’s Day, we’re making it an extra-long weekend—from the Thursday morning update on March 14 to Tuesday morning’s maintenance on March 19. Whether you’re a hardcore dungeon runner or a high elf fashionista, we’ve got you covered.

Double Dungeon Drop Weekend

The bosses and baddies have filled their vaults with loot and plunder. Now’s your chance to take it back! All dungeons in TERA: Rising will have the double drop rate from noon Friday to noon Monday PDT. So, popo up and rain the pain!

Lock of the Irish

You don’t need to be wearing green to enjoy the Lock of the Irish this weekend in TERA. All weekend, locked strongboxes have the chance to surprise some lucky lads and lasses with 1,000 extensive alkahests or a permanent “Me Lucky Hat” accessory. So kiss that blarney stone and try your lock.

Catch Him If You Can

The legend of Eimhin the Prankster tells of a tiny figure dressed in green who wanders the hills outside Velika and scurries through the city streets. Rumors say he once pickpocketed Velik herself, then threw a three-day party in Castanica with her purse. The city watch has a standing reward of 50 gold pieces for his capture—but if you do catch Eimhin, he’ll trade some treasures for his freedom.

The hunt is on!


1. Event Time

The hunt will take place on Thursday, March 14, with specific time slots for each server. All times are Pacific.

Lake of Tears Noon–1 p.m.
Ascension Valley 1–2 p. m.
Tempest Reach 2–3 p.m.
Valley of Titans 3–4 p.m.
Mount Tyrannas 4–5 p.m.
Celestial Hills 5–6 p.m.

2. Instructions

  • Be logged in during the specified times and get ready to catch Eimhin! Decipher Eimhin’s taunts and track him down in Velika or the Velika Outskirts.
  • Eimhin will hide 3 times per server within a one-hour period. During each round, the first three players to find him at each location will win prizes (double prizes if their characters are wearing green)! After the hour is up, Einhim will vanish.

3. Prizes

  • Each time Eimhin hides, the first three players who find him will receive the following prizes:
    • First place winners will receive 125 spellbinds and 2 apothecary dyes.
    • Second place winners will receive 75 spellbinds and 2 apothecary dyes.
    • Third place winners will receive 50 spellbinds and 2 apothecary dyes.
    • All prizes will be doubled if the winning character is wearing green somewhere.

All standard En Masse Entertainment contest rules apply.

So don your finest verdant gear and keep a sharp eye out for Eimhin!


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