Changes Coming to Valkyon Outfitters

by Blender

TERA Valkyon Outfitters

Valkyon Outfitters has undergone a significant maintenance, and now you’ll see several changes. This update affects both EMP and the items in our store, so we want you to be fully aware of all the changes.

First, our previous EMP-to-USD conversion was annoying. In order to get an idea of how much something really cost you, it required a spreadsheet with several tabs open to run the calculations. After the maintenance, we’re switching to a straight $1USD to 100 EMP ratio, so $10 now gets you 1,000 EMP. Higher tiers will continue to provide a bonus to your EMP purchase, so it still pays to buy in bulk. But now when you are browsing the store and see an item for 995 you can know immediately that item is worth $9.95.

Due to this update, the EMP prices for items across the store have been adjusted. We have taken this time to make tweaks based on your feedback and the data we have gathered. After lowering all the prices to reflect the new ratio, the new prices were then adjusted to offer an average savings of 5%. Not all items have gone down by 5%, as some prices will see a larger savings and some have gone up slightly. Ultimately our goal was to give you a better value than before.

It’s important we stress that any existing EMP you have will not be affected in any way—in fact your current EMP balance is now worth more! With this change you will need to reenter your payment information the next time you purchase EMP, but we are offering you a reward for doing so. As a special promotion until the end of April, federation bills will be provided as a bonus when you make EMP purchases. You can redeem these federation bills for cool items at the federation bill store in game.

As always, we are open to feedback so please continue providing it—for better or worse—and we will do our best to continue providing you with an awesome experience in our store.


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