Closed Beta Test 2

by Scapes

CBT2 Adds Sinestral Manor Dungeon

We're one week away from TERA's second closed beta test, which means it's time to announce details about the event! We have increased the level cap to 27, added a new PvP server, and provided another character slot per server. Here are some at-a-glance facts about the event:

  • Duration: Friday, February 24 at 12:00 PM PST to Sunday, February 26 at 11:59 PM PST
  • Servers: Arachnaea (PvE), Serpentis Isle (PvE), Valley of Titans (PvP), Jagged Coast (PvP)
  • Maximum Level: 27
  • Character Slots: 2 per server

With a maximum level of 27, characters will be able to enter the Sinestral Manor dungeon and explore new areas. The second character slot per server will allow players to sample different classes and races while keeping a main character. We've also fixed a number of issues and identified others to be resolved in future builds. For more details, read the full patch notes.

Characters on the PvP server will learn a skill called "Outlaw Declaration". When used, the player will be able to attack any character above level 10 and not in their guild or party for 60 seconds. Once engaged in combat, the status will persist until combat ends. Guilds will also be able to wage war on each other using the Bahaar's Spark of War declaration. This item can be purchased from shadow merchants in capital cities and allows members of warring guilds to attack one another on sight.

We are hosting five closed beta tests for TERA from February to April, each lasting about 60 hours for a total of 300 hours. The number of servers, the maximum level, and number of available character slots will increase over the course of the events. There will be no non-disclosure agreement or NDA during any of these events, so feel free to screenshot, film, and write about your experiences, and share them with your friends and guildmates!

Want to join us for this weekend's closed beta test? How about every closed beta test? Pre-order TERA from the En Masse store for immediate access to all five closed beta tests and the opportunity to retain your characters and their progress for the duration of the closed beta period.


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