Closed Beta Test Contests: Be Creative, Be Smart, Be Lucky!

by Scapes

Be Creative, Be Smart, Be Lucky!

Be creative, be smart, or be lucky in one of three contest series being held during our final three closed beta tests. Capture footage, design infographics, cut videos, or simply play your characters to the level cap for a chance to score prizes from Logitech and En Masse Entertainment!

Be Creative!

  • Put your creativity to the test by making art from video you capture during the closed beta tests!
  • The themes for each closed beta test include:
    • Closed Beta Test 3: Produce an instructional video on how to play your preferred class.
    • Closed Beta Test 4: Create a dungeon walkthrough video of one of TERA's dungeons such as Bastion of Lok or Sinestral Manor
    • Closed Beta Test 5: Answer the question "what is TERA?" through a narrative machinima video.
  • Your videos may use footage from TERA trailers and cutscenes but original video content is required in your entry.
  • For Closed Beta Test 4 and Closed Beta Test 5, please keep your submissions under six minutes in length.
  • Looking for a protip? Read our Creative Services Team's post featuring pointers on how to capture footage in TERA!

Be Smart!

  • Tap your analytical mind to interpret and design infographic images based on the raw data we'll provide after each closed beta test! This article will be updated with links to this raw data about a day after each event. Click that event's topic(s) for your source material!
  • The infographic topics for each closed beta test include:
  • Craft your infographic to convey what TERA's busy beta testers have been doing in each closed beta test in the cleverest ways possible using pie charts, Venn diagrams, and other graphical measurements you learned in that Statistics class!

Be Lucky!

  • Rely on your skill at TERA by playing your character all the way to the maximum level of the current closed beta test! Maximum-level characters on your account will each count as an entry into these contests; you're welcome to use every character slot on every server.
  • The maximum level for each closed beta test is:
    • Closed Beta Test 3: 32
    • Closed Beta Test 4: 38
    • Closed Beta Test 5: 38


  • Be Creative!: To enter, email us a URL to your video. Only one entry per player per closed beta test, please!
  • Be Smart!: To enter, email us your infographic as a URL or attachment (under 5MB please). Only one entry per player per closed beta test, please!
  • Be Lucky!: To enter, play a character to the maximum level of that closed beta test for a chance to win. Multiple characters at maximum level on your En Masse account count for multiple entries. Deleted characters do not count.
  • You can only win one contest per closed beta test.
  • Click here for the official TERA contest rules.



  • All contests end at 11:59 PM Pacific time. Specific dates follow.
  • Be Creative! and Be Smart!
    • Closed Beta Test 3: Wednesday, March 21
    • Closed Beta Test 4: Wednesday, April 4
    • Closed Beta Test 5: Wednesday, April 18
  • Be Lucky!
    • Closed Beta Test 3: Sunday, March 11
    • Closed Beta Test 4: Sunday, March 25
    • Closed Beta Test 5: Sunday, April 8
  • Additionally, every contest winner will receive one chronoscroll in-game! These items will be distributed when chronoscrolls are introduced to TERA. For more information on chronoscrolls, check out our blog post and FAQ about them!
  • The results will be published on the official TERA website about a week after each contest ends.

Have fun and good luck in the contests! We look forward to seeing your results!


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