Coming Soon: Elites Get Jeweled Lion

by Ozma

TERA Jeweled Lion Mount

One of the perks of elite status in TERA is free use of an epic mount. Later this month, we’re replacing the nexus warhorse on your elite toolbar with the Jeweled Lion, so you’ll have something new to ride into battle.

The nexus warhorse isn’t going away entirely, however. Any TERA player—elite or not—can buy one with Agnitor credits, earned by participating in nexus battles. (You’ll also earn the “Get on Your High Horse” achievement.)

As for the Jeweled Lion, this 280-speed mount has been bred for rapid charges into battle. Once native to Celestial Hills, these lions were wiped out by the Lokians when they invaded the region. A captive breeding program in Velika has enjoyed wild success, and players with elite status now have access to the very fastest jeweled lions.

And later this week, keep on the lookout for another epic mount trampling its way to the Valkyon Outfitters store (with special deals for elite status).

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