Costumes! Accessories! It’s TERA Halloween!

by Ozma

TERA Halloween 2013--Titan Force, Devilicous, and Bewitching Costumes

It's dress-up time! Get your very own Titan Force or devilicious costume—or the special bewitching costume, an exclusive for elin characters.

And don't forget that most of our new accessories aren't exclusive to race or gender, so you can match your force helmet with your new witch costume!

If you’re really lucky, you may even win a dyeable version of these costumes as well as a number of exciting accessories. We're even bringing back last year’s masks—and Boneshaker, the skeletal mount.

The 2013 Halloween costumes will only be available until Tuesday, November 5 at 11 a.m. PST, so visit Valkyon Outfitters or Valkyon Outfitters Online today!


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