Cover Your Eyes with the New Items for Sale

by Ozma

TERA Maid Costumes and Face Accessories April 2013

Valkyon Outfitters has added several new items for you to look through. Cover your eyes with your choice of room-darkening shades, futuristic electric eye, or snowboard goggles. No matter which you choose, all eyes will be on you.

For elin characters only, we have two bundles and a loot box that offer maid uniforms.

Princess Rida herself has stocked Valkyon Outfitters with the Maid to Work Bundle. This bundle contains all the items an elin working in Princess Rida’s household would need: Princess Rida’s Maid Uniform, a white maid’s frill, and a special Servant’s Bow emote, which only works for characters wearing a maid uniform.

In the Maid’s Loot Box, you’ll find Princess Arin’s distribution of uniforms to Valkyon Outfitters is less comprehensive than her more focused rival. If you’re lucky, you may find Princess Arin’s Maid Uniform, a black Housekeeper’s Frill, or the special Kitchen Dance emote.

Since luck is no way to clothe a household, the kingdom offers the Twice-Maid Bundle, which comes supplied with the complete set of everything “maid.” With uniforms to suit an elin in either princess’s household, the bundle includes Princess Rida’s Maid Uniform, Princess Arin’s Maid Uniform, the white Maid’s Frill, the black Housekeeper’s Frill, and both special emotes for characters wearing a maid uniform: Servant’s Bow and Kitchen Dance.


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