Ding 60 and Earn Exclusive Rewards

by Ozma

TERA Argon Queen Ding Level 60

Stock up on munchies and kiss your family goodbye. The argon queen is coming for you on August 22.

We know you’re prepared. You’ve been hunting BAMs. You’ve been killing gods. Now your wait is almost over.

Almost. But have you hit 60 yet? If you’re still pushing to reach 60 for your chance face Shandra Manaya, the argon queen, we’ve got a little more incentive for you.

If you reach level 60 before 11:59 p.m. on August 20, you’ll earn the following rewards:

  • Summon Monti: A scroll that brings a traveling merchant to you. (Carry more gold and less junk.)
  • Summon Dimon: A scroll that brings a crystal merchant to you. (Hey, accidents happen. Crystals break.)
  • Summon Phargo: A scroll that brings a banker to you. (Stow that phat loot you just got, or grab something you forgot.)
  • Summon Schwab: A scroll that brings a broker to you. (Manage those “investments” and get instant materials for upgrades.)

For more information on the summoning scrolls, check out our level 60 rewards FAQ.

If you want these great rewards, all you have to do is ding 60! The scrolls will be delivered to you when the Argon Queen update releases on August 22.


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