En Masse Community Spotlight, Volume 10


Hi everyone! I’m KitTeaCup, here with another guild-focused En Masse Community Spotlight!

One of our primary goals at En Masse is building new relationships—and growing existing ones—with various creators and micro-communities. We love bringing you stories of successful guilds on TERA for PC so new guilds on all platforms can pick up some great ideas.

I asked Jo/Turn and Gala/G.Shot, the guild leaders of Pixar, a PvE raiding guild on Celestial Hills, a few questions:

How does your guild embody TERA's 6th Anniversary?

What better guild than one that was created in the month of May? Pixar was originally created in May of 2015 for guild bank rights, and has now grown into a much larger virtual gaming family. We’re one of the oldest, if not the oldest, and most highly active guild on Celestial Hills server. We are a friendly, respectful, and fun-loving bunch of friends that love to run end-game dungeons, show off our fancy costumes, and participate in guild holiday events. Pixar has become something more than just daily party runs. Many of us in Pixar have actually met in real life and formed real relationships with each other. One of our GMs, Gala, even got married!

We strive to be one of the best PvE guilds on CH. Our top priority is having a guild that is more like a family and a group of friends than just an LFG or elitist guild. We also care about representing our server, CH. Pixar is not limited to TERA. Our guild is a community. We have friends who join us for events we host both inside and outside of TERA, such as hide and seek, movie nights, game nights (playing various games, including TERA and others).

We avoid drama, whenever someone tries to start with us we just ignore them or reply in a nice manner. It's one of the guild rules to not bully or be BM to other people, inside or outside the guild.

To what do you attribute your longevity?

We currently have two GMs to keep the guild running smoothly and fresh, with one GM trading off duties with the other from time to time. As our guild expanded throughout the years, we added quite a few officers to the ranks to divest responsibilities and to bring more personalities to the guild. Our officers’ duties range from recruitment to coordinating large-scale raids or GvG.

Tell us about your raids.

We consistently set up and clear weekly Harrowhold raids. Our first Pixar Harrowhold raid was on June 18, 2017. A month later, we cleared Phase 1 for the first time on July 14, and Phase 2 just a day later. The raiding group remained dedicated and worked tirelessly to improve. Our raid members are dedicated and tireless, and cleared Phase 3 on August 5, 2017. Phase 4 took a while longer than that, but the group did not despair, and the Pixar Harrowhold raid group’s first full clear was on November 10, 2017. Since then, we have been clearing weekly and increasing the raid numbers.

We know there are other groups on the server that are attempting to clear and some of those groups have cleared a couple of times, But as of today, we’re the only raiding group on the server that has six raids clearing each week. Pixar likes to be inclusive; we don’t limit our raids to guild members only, so our raiders can all interact with a variety of guilds on CH. This keeps the whole CH community strong and active.

We are always accepting new raid members from within and outside the guild. Feel free to contact us in-game or on discord if you’re on CH and would like to raid!

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