From The Desk of Brian Knox: How We Release TERA Info

by Scapes


I'd like to take the opportunity to talk a bit about the upcoming months for us here at En Masse. You may have noticed some interesting information coming out of NHN (TERA's publisher in Korea).  We think it is important that the TERA community understands our process and how we coordinate information releases for a global product. Most importantly, we want to stress that TERA will be different in the west; this is a key thing to remember when reading information released from NHN or players experiencing TERA in Korea.

Every publisher for TERA is going to get exclusive content releases and have their time to shine. G-Star-the biggest game show in Korea-is this month, and NHN is going to do it up big-and I promise you it will be awesome. From there NHN will be first up to launch TERA, so they will continue to receive a large amount of focus in terms of information released about TERA.  We will maintain the flow of information that you've come to expect from En Masse, but the big announcements will be coming from NHN. There will be times when you'll see information coming from NHN that is not immediately translated by us and reposted. This isn't because we're not talking to NHN (quite the opposite actually!), but because they need to have their exclusives just like we do.

We know you guys are starving for information and it will come directly from us eventually-we promise you.   In the meantime we ask that you do not read any translations of the information coming from Korea... What? You can't promise that?!?!  Ok, let's settle on this: let's agree to take the fan translations with a grain of salt. Our fans do a great job of translating articles very quickly but the fact is there will be differences--in terminology, game play mechanics, and services provided by the publisher-between the Western release and NHN's release of TERA.  With these translations there will certainly be some misinterpretation, and we will do our best to react and clarify to the community.

The other cool thing about a global product is that much of your feedback and our Westernization process has impacted the Eastern release as well. You will see many of the features we designed and iterated here at En Masse in the NHN version of TERA. This is part of being a global product: taking the best from each territory and using what will work for your market. This is a good thing!  We are working hard to ensure this game is ready for the West and takes your feedback into account.

So please stay patient, stay hungry, and enjoy the upcoming months as TERA develops-it should be an exciting experience for everyone!


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