Game Guide: The Brokerage

by Pwnyx

Brokerage Search Header

Overloaded with dawnhide? Have more Arunic panaceas than you could ever use? Desperate to pick up some superior-quality armor? Rather than selling them to the nearest vendor for mere coppers on the gold or wasting time praying someone in the trade channel is selling what you need, let your fingers do the walking through the Brokerage by speaking to your local trade broker!

Trade brokers are located in all cities, and are accessible in towns by decree of the reigning vanarch, making the Brokerage a convenient way to fill your packs and fatten your purse. You don’t have to be a master accountant or filthy rich to benefit from using the Brokerage, but if you have questions, we’ve written a handy little guide to help you get the most out of your investments. Check it out!


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