Gifting Is Back for Valentine’s Day

by Blender

TERA party attire fancy dress

Looking to get dressed up for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got just the outfits for you! Our new party attire outfits are available for you and those you love. And with gifting back at Valkyon Outfitters Online, you can send that special outfit to that special someone to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Wait, did we say gifting is back? Yes! Send, receive, and open Black Velvet and White Satin party boxes from the gifting center. These boxes are available exclusively from the web version of Valkyon Outfitters (not in the in-game store). If this page doesn't clear things up for you, check out our Gifting FAQ.

TERA Gift box

But How Does It Work?

  • Buy a White Satin or Black Velvet party box. Open it and you'll be presented with four Valentine's greeting cards—choose one to reveal your prize!
  • Send a gift box to a friend, though, and you’re setting yourself up to get something back!
    • For every five gifts you send, you receive a dyeable Princess Rida maid uniform!
    • Send ten gifts (total), and get a permanent, account-bound Ember, our stamina-restoring struthio mount.
    • Send twenty gifts (total), and get a permanent, account-bound Cheeks, the pet who carries your items for you.

Best of all, both the Black Velvet party box and the White Satin party box contribute to your rewards!

TERA Gift Cards

Choose one to reveal your prize (you'll also get a peek at what you could have won)!

TERA gifting rose

What's in a Party Box?

You'll receive either a Black Velvet or White Satin smart box, depending on which party box you're opening. You'll also receive one party accessory, chosen at random.

Strut over to Valkyon Outfitters Online, and start gifting today!

TERA formal party accessories

More info available in the Gifting FAQ.

The fine print:

After February 18 at 11 a.m. PST, party boxes will no longer be available for purchase from Valkyon Outfitters Online. Don’t worry though—the gifting center itself will remain open. You'll still be able to access any gifts leftover in your inventory, and can open or gift them.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated for clarity and because moar pictures are better.


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