Good Fellas and Gun Molls

by Blender

TERA legitimate business suit human aman popori hat

Every legitimate business man and woman needs a legitimate business suit. Starting Thursday, January 23, Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online will roll out dark and white suits and dapper hats for all races and genders. Elin characters can see if a bonus tat-sleeve suit suits their personality. And if your name is Mr. Yellow or Mr. Pink, don’t despair; the white legitimate business suits have dyeable shirts, so you can represent!

Accessories include our newest back-slot item—a gun* known as the “organ grinder”—fedoras of the black, white, brown, and gray variety, plus brow glasses in tortoise-shell, black, brown, or pink with a touch of bling. For those players who play the class joker, there’s even a clown mask!**

*Organ grinder is cosmetic only and does not fire bullets.
**Clown mask will not actually make you funnier.


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