Guild Interview with the Protectorate

by Ozma

TERA Guild Interview With the Protectorate

We continue our showcase of outstanding members of the TERA: Rising community. We turned the tables around this time, and interviewed Primus, one of the cofounders of the Protectorate. He lays out the Protectorate’s view of gaming, and their place as members of the community.

Tell us about your guild and its history. How long has it been active? Any reason for selecting the guild name?

The Protectorate has been around since a couple months after launch when my brother, my best friend, and myself decided to band together to run for a vanarch spot that would otherwise be unfilled, leaving a zone with no vendors. The three of us wanted to see what vanarchy was like and gave it a shot, working hard to ensure one of the major max-level areas would not go without its cherished merchants.

Before we created the guild, we all enjoyed playing together, but were dissatisfied with the guilds we were in. At the same time, we couldn’t find a guild we were really eager to join, so we formed one together and worked to make it everything we ourselves would want from a guild. A place full of people you could do anything with and have a good time. Whether it’s progressing through the most difficult dungeons of the game together, coordinating stunlocks in battlegrounds, or simply chatting about anime in voice chat. We wanted to create the kind of guild that would be able to attract the best kind of people on our server and give them a place they could cultivate their talents and ambitions within the game while playing with others that they liked and respected. And I really think we’ve been able to do that for all our members, and will always continue to strive to make it the best experience for all of them we can offer.

The name of the guild was chosen because of the way our order runs in roleplay, as well as how we conduct ourselves within the server as players. A protectorate is considered a land that is protected by a strong body from anything that would seek to corrupt or damage the order and tranquility of its people and territories. Our order exists to protect all of Arborea from evil and strife, so in that sense the entire realm of the game is our “protectorate” that we serve. By naming this order “The Protectorate” we are always reminded of the land and people that are our duty to serve and safeguard. Also we thought it sounded like a pretty cool guild name. Though not to be confused with Protect-or-Ate Diner, the place with the best steaks and guards-for-hire in Arborea. Totally different.

Is there a philosophy you follow as a guild? If you’re recruiting, what do you look for in guild members?

We believe that what’s more important than a person’s interests in TERA or how much time they can dedicate to the game is their personality and attitude. The Protectorate tries to gather unique and interesting individuals that display a natural talent for gaming or at least a strong willingness and ability to learn from our members, who are more than happy to help them. When looking for potential recruits, we try to find people who work well with our current guild members in typical situations such as dungeon runs, leveling, battlegrounds, etc. While we all like to have clean and swift runs of dungeons, we also look for the kind of people we could be wiping and doing terrible with and still have a fantastic time. People that really add something special to the mix when they play with others in TERA.

What has been the most difficult experience with the guild? Most rewarding?

I’d say the most challenging aspect of the guild has been to find people who really fit in and work well with everyone, who can live up to the fairly high standards we have to set in order to ensure the best environment we can for everyone. But at the same time, this is the most rewarding experience as well, because when we do find those people our close community gets that much bigger, that much better. And that just makes it all worth it.

The Protectorate is known for helping others learn the end game instances and leading nexus. Any other activities you enjoy?

After the various runs or events we do together many times someone gets the spark of an idea that becomes an impromptu guild event that is always a lot of fun, such as creating a horde of punny-named poporis to storm Tower Base or sitting up high on a ledge in Cutthroat Harbor and offering prizes to whoever can get to me first. This can spark a lot of interest in the people nearby and soon large crowds can gather and we just feed off each other’s energies. Much hilarity ensues. If there’s anything we’ve learned about Celestial Hills, it’s that it’s always ready to party. Just make sure to bring dancing baraka. Everybody loves dancing baraka.

What role do you aim to play in the TERA community? What plans do you have in the future?

The Protectorate has always strived to perform to the best of its abilities and set itself as one of the best progressive guilds on Celestial Hills. But at our core we’re just avid gamers who love to play TERA and everything it has to offer us, who want the opportunity to play at their best with others doing the same in a fun and friendly environment. That’s what we want to be seen as. Not just a guild that pushes each and every player to reach their potential in a way that’s fun and exciting, but one that genuinely cares for every member in a way that makes them feel at home and at ease with each other.

We plan to continue on this same path that has done us well so far, improving upon ourselves and the community we’ve come to love and cherish. We are excited and eager for the up-and-coming content in the game, from the alliance system to Kelsaik’s Sanctuary, ready to have a blast working our way through it all as a guild. As a family.

Anything you’d like to say to the guild members? To En Masse?

I just want to let everyone in the Protectorate know that playing with each and every one of them is my own personal privilege, and though I may be the one that created this guild, they’re the ones that make it such a fantastic place to be. I can never thank everyone enough for that, and I can only promise to always work my hardest to ensure they have the best experience they can while playing here on Celestial Hills.

And to En Masse, why…what else is there to do but convey sincere gratitude for handling this game that we love and staying in touch with us all as best you can with spontaneous GM visits and events. I think my computer needed a long rest after the workout it was put through when you spawned ten dracoloths on top of the guildmaster meeting last week. But I know what also needed a rest…was my inventory! Om nom nom loots. Little unexpected things like that and the livestreams remind me that the people running this game are not just 9–5 employees of a game company, but regular fun-loving gamers like all of us. So thank you En Masse, for everything.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Primus. We appreciate it! Best of luck to the Protectorate!



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