Have a TERA-fic Time at the Masquerade Ball!

by Ozma

TERA Halloween 2012

Halloween has been full of treats! You’ve grabbed candy baskets, pumpkin pies, and Halloween cake. Don’t forget to grab a mask or costume for the Masquerade Ball! It’s nearly time to rub elbows with the best-dressed in all of TERA. TERA’s final treat—the Masquerade Ball—will commence at 6 p.m. PDT Tuesday, October 30 in Pora Elinu.

We’ve pored over all your amazing costume entries. Now it’s time to show off the TERA-fic and TERA-fying finalists. Join us for the excitement when the winners are announced in game at Tuesday’s Masquerade Ball.

Mount Tyrannus finalists for funniest costume:

Bang.Adden   Skeleton MinimiLawolf   Duck Bandit Poffton   Superbird

Mount Tyrannus finalists for scariest costume:

Figutto   Little Argon Queen Lawolf   Duck NinjaVillian   Skeleton Master

Mount Tyrannus finalists for best solo costume:

Denko   Miss October Dragon Igraine   Royal Velik's GuardShan

Mount Tyrannus finalists for best group costumes:

Pimp Daddy, The Whorror Ulver, Skeptical, Morrigan, Quincy

Tempest Reach finalists for funniest costume:

Buli   Oppan Surfer Style Winter   Blue Duck Masquerade Yamaxanadu   Miss Apple

Tempest Reach finalists for scariest costume:

Baratheus   Big Bad Wolf Toshiko   Fire And BloodVincent.Ageon   Headless Horseman

Tempest Reach finalists for best solo costume:

Gabriael   Velik's Angel Lizzy   Valkyon Outlaw Ponpoko   You're A Wizard Popori!

Tempest Reach finalists for best group costumes:

Zoknahal And Azarek   Grinning Werewolves Kairi And Shigatsu   Twitches In Trouble Kouta, Silvea, Trinsik   Pimp And His Ladies

Celestial Hills finalists for funniest costume:

Aviator Artham Beautiful.Goddess Calimar   Butler From The Mansion Of Love

Celestial Hills finalists for scariest costume:

Lascivia   Mischiveious Pumpkin Lion   Lion's Fury Stealth Action Artham

Celestial Hills finalists for best solo costume:

Ketyna   Masquerade Angel Papillon   Esteemed Steampunk Vampire Gentleman Sydia   Bat Girl

Celestial Hills finalists for best group costumes:

Kzin And Tayelle On Celestial Hills

Visit our Halloween 2012 costume contest finalists gallery for larger images.


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