Hippity-Hoppin’, Easter’s On Its Way

by Halrath

Hippity-Hoppin’, Easter’s On Its Way

It’s that time of year again: hard-boiled eggs dyed in bright colors, pastel jellybeans, eggs made of milk chocolate, an anthropomorphized rabbit...and a sale in the TERA Store!

From Thursday, April 13 at 10 a.m. PDT until Monday, April 17 at 10 a.m. PDT, drop by the TERA Store to shop for the most Easter-y loot boxes TERA has to offer—at 25 percent off the regular prices.

  • White Fleece Box
  • Black Fleece Box
  • Lucky Duck Box
  • Pinky Pig Box
  • Caring Bear Box
  • Sharp-Dressed Bird Box
  • Pound Puppy Box
  • Cheshire Cat Box
  • Hatless Hatter Costume Box
  • Popo Rascal Bundle (all races)
  • Popo Bear Bundle (all races)
  • Popo Bunny Bundle (all races)
  • Popo Kitty Bundle (all races)
  • Popo Panda Bundle (all races)
  • Popo Rascal Bundle (all races)

Don’t wait too long, now. You can eat those Easter chocolates anytime—this sale ends Monday, April 17!


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