Introducing the TERA Chronoscroll!

by Ozma

TERA Chronoscrolls

For players looking for a way to increase their pool of gold, or for players who own a surplus of gold and would like to put it to good use, TERA introduces the chronoscroll. These items bridge the gap between the real-world economy and the in-game one, giving players the flexibility of choice.

Chronoscrolls—in-game items that can be redeemed for playing time—are our way of providing a safe and legal way for players to trade game gold for game time. Players can buy chronoscrolls with real-world money, and then sell them in-game via trade brokers. Players who buy the chronoscrolls in-game can then use them to acquire playing time.

Because players are trading with one another, and not with gold farmers or other cyber-criminals, players can get what they want without risking identity theft or the dreaded ban hammer. Best of all, chronoscrolls help fight against gold farming, phishing, chat spam, and other crimes against humanity. If you’ve got questions about chronoscrolls, we’ve got answers (including a few restrictions).

Chronoscrolls are available via the Chronoscroll product page on the EME store. In the meantime, to help explain the features and functionality of the chronoscrolls, we’ve compiled a handy little chronoscrolls guide for you. Take a look!


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