It’s Time to Change Your Innerwear!

by Denommenator

Starting Tuesday, June 6, you can pick up the new 2017 Pinkalicious inner armor loot boxes from the TERA Store for just 250 EMP! Elite status players will enjoy a 20 percent discount and only pay 200 EMP!

Each of these loot boxes is guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll—and may also contain alkahests, spellbinds, or possibly a new Pinkalicious inner armor item:

  • Empowered Inner Armor Box—may contain Empowered Pinkalicious Innerwear
  • Fitness Inner Armor Box—may contain Fitness Pinkalicious Innerwear
  • Fortified Inner Armor Box—may contain Fortified Pinkalicious Innerwear
  • Insulated Inner Armor Box—may contain Insulated Pinkalicious Innerwear
  • Performance Inner Armor Box—may contain Performance Pinkalicious Innerwear

You can also obtain plain versions of this year's inner armor set from Undergarment Bags purchased in-game with Goldfinger tokens.

But if pink is more your thing, head on over the TERA Store now to change your innerwear!


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