It’s Strongbox Jackpot Week in TERA!


Jackpot Week! That means strongboxes you open until Tuesday, February 11 have a chance for great jackpots—like an exclusive flaming blue phoenix mount—and it also means it’s time to stock up on strongbox keys!

Urvog, the blue phoenix, has only been available in our strongbox jackpot week. This flying mount comes with the Blazing Aura II and Phoenix Aura II passive skills. So get your strongbox keys for a chance to fly in the bluest of skies.

From maintenance on Tuesday, February 4 until maintenance on Tuesday, February 11, each of the following strongboxes has a chance at some incredible jackpot rewards:

  • Locked Item XP Strongbox
  • Locked Gem Strongbox
  • Locked Talent Strongbox
  • Locked Crafter’s Strongbox
  • Locked Noctenium Strongbox
  • Locked Fashion Strongbox

Jackpot rewards this week include:

  • Flying Skill: Urvog, a blue phoenix flying mount with bonus auras
  • Improved Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock ×20
  • Improved Dark Shard Armor Feedstock ×20
  • Refined Duranium Ore ×250
  • Golden Talents ×6,000
  • Silver Talents ×6,000
  • Diamonds ×15

Need more strongbox keys? Stock up and save on stacks of 10, 20, or 50 keys in the TERA Store!

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